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Stack #72216

marked by the beginning of agriculture and the use of polished stone weapons and tools Neolithic
group of early people with stocky builds, heavy jaws, and large noses Neanderthals
period when archaeologists believe glaciers covered much land Ice Age
anthropology the "study of man"
old stone age, associated with crude weapons of stone Paleolithic
stone of great size; often associated with monuments of prehistoric times (i.e., Stonehenge) megalith
four-sided tall stone structure marked by a pyramid shape at the top (i.e., Washington Monument) obelisk
five themes of geography location, place, movement, region, human-environment interaction
purpose of Stonehenge religious center or an astronomical calendar
significance of Hammurabi's Code of Laws first codified, or written down, laws
two contributions of Mesopotamia cuneiform and the wheel
two contributions of Egypt hieroglyphics and papyrus
two contributions of China silk and gunpowder
two contributions of India sanskrit and Hinduism/Buddhism
doctrine of Judaism monotheism (belief in one God)
doctrine of Hinduism reincarnation
doctrine of Buddhism nirvana is the ultimate goal
who created Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
contributions of the ancient greeks Three styles of columns, drama, philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, pythagorean theorem, democracy, Olympics
term from the Roman Era of the Republic Senate
Martin Luther Credited with beginning the Protestant Reformation
Mansa Musa Leader of the Mali Empire
Genghis Khan BA leader of the Mongol Empire
Defeated England at the Battle of Hastings after invading from Normandy Willam the Conqueror
Inventor, scientist, sculptor, painter. Painter of the Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci
King of the Frankish Kingdom during the 8th century. He was known for increasing administration and learning. Charlemagne
three major civilizations of Mesoamerica Aztecs, Incas, Mayas,
country invaded and destroyed the Aztec civilization Spain
During the Japanese Middle Ages, what was the supreme leader or dictator called? Shogun
Ieyasu Tokugawa famous Shogun began as a daimyo holding a portion of Japan and eventually went on to begin a shogunate that lasted 300 years
When Rome fell apart, the Eastern portion was still in existence. What name did this part of the Roman Empire take? Byzantine Empire
What was the Christian Church of Western Europe during the Middle Ages? Roman Catholic Church
The time when there two Popes: one in Rome and one in Avignon, France The Great Schism
the main system of protection for people in the Middle Ages Feudalism.Large lords would provide land to their vassals in exchange for military service to protect the people of the land
serf A peasant who was bound to the land but was not quite a slave.
the plague that struck Western Europe during the 14th century Black Death
two nations fought in the Hundred Years War England and France
led France to victory but was burned at the stake by the English Joan of Arc
When the Byzantine Empire pled to Western Europe for help against Muslim invaders, Western Europe responded with what? The Crusades
Who defeated the Spanish Armada? Queen Elizabeth of England
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