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BOARDSspinal anatomy


Ethmoid cribiform plate & crista galli
Maxillary hard palate, palatine & orbital processes
Sphenoid sella turcica, foramen ovale, rotundum, lacerum, spinosum
Orbit sphenoid, frontal, zygomatic, palatine, ethmoid, lacrimal, maxillary
Lambdoidal suture occipital / parietal
serratus anterior attaches to ribs 1-8
costal groove medial inferior part of rib
false ribs ribs 8-12
true ribs ribs 1-7
Angle of Louis manubrium/ sternum meet, 2nd rib attachment
1st rib atypical, shortest rib
1st rib scalene tubercle location, support subclavian vessels
floating ribs vertebral ribs (11-12th)
12th rib has no tubercle
facets zygopophyseal joints
hyoid bone C3
Cornu of thyroid C4
body of thyroid C5
criboid cartilage C6
Carotid tubercle C6
Thoracic heart shaped body
lumbar kidney shaped body
9 number of atypical vertebra in adults
sternum gladiolus
boundaries of IVF pedicle, body, facet & disc
tropism facet coronal & another sagital
Created by: missyh23