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BOARDSspinal anatomy

Special Senses

taste papillae projections from the tongue where taste buds are embedded
circumvallate largest, cylindrical, bitter receptors
circumvallate least in number
fungiform muschroom shaped
fungiform most numberous taste receptors
filiform thread-like, sensitive to touch (no taste)
foramen caecum embryonic thyroid diverticulum
Olfactory bulb contains granular, mitral and tufted cells & a glomerulus
cribiform plate ethmoid bone
olfaction uncus "skunkcus in my uncus"
fovea centralis greatest acuity
ciliary muscles control shape of lens
semicircular canals angular acceleration & deceleration
utricle & saccule linear acceleration
cochlea perilymph made
retina develops from ectoderm
cones color
optic disc blindspot
vitreous humor posterior
aqueous humor anterior
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