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chapter 3 LA history

8th grade louisiana history chapter 3

economics is the study of what? production, ditribution, and consumpion of goods and services.
what are the four questions of economics? how much and who will What is being produced and offered? How will it be produced or ofered? How much should be produced or offerd? Who will buy the product or service>
Agency that regulates,or____________,economic activity. moniters
____________regulates utilities within the state. commission
what are tasks performed for consumers? servises
Employees working for wages are paid by the ________________ hour
what sets the minimum wage to protect workers from low wages? salaries
what are salaries? a fixed amount of money paid to an empoyee per year no mater how many hours worked.
__________is making sure enough resourse are availabe for demand. geonomist
_________________is performing effectivly with the least waste of time, effort, or resouses. plywood mills
what does bartering involve? trading goods and sevises
what is valued for its beauity and are scarce which means holds value. silver and gold
what are 2 ways customers can by goods and servises without using cash? checks and debit cards
a credit card is like what? line of credit
what is interest? money a consumer must pay to a bank to carry the consumers debt.
interest is figuerd more often then once per year compond interest
shaows how much change there has been in the price of certain goods (CPI) consumer price index
a buisness owned by one person proprietorship
a buisness owned by 2 or more people who share the profits and losses partnership
an organized buisness recognized as a legal entity corporation
a tax on foreign or imported goods tariff
the north american free trade agreement -between the united states, canada, and mexico was designed to gradualy remove tarrifs on foreign goods. trade agreement
an economic indicator showing how well the ecomy is doing (GDP) gross domestic product
the state has a wealth of _____________ and minerals like salt oil naturalk gas sulfur gypsum and clay natual resorses
louisianna ia a world leader in what three things? cotton sugarcane and tobacco
_________refinery in baton rouge has the largest capacity of any refinery in the USA exxon
our states second most important industrey fishing
______________of all of all fish harvisted in the U.S. come in louisiana 1/3
second large producer of_____________ sweet potatoes and sugar cane
largest manufactures at&t
5 of the nations 12 busiest seaports are here ports of south louisana -new orleans-baton rouge- plaquemins-lake charles
_______tax is assessed by both the states and fedral goverments based on how much a person makes income
___________taxis assembled by the contryor parrish bsaed on home and property values property
_____________are things like admission fees to state parks and musiums and fees to crosstoll bridges. user fees
Created by: rachael306