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BOARDSspinal anatomy

I. Development

Spinal AnatomyDevelopment
Notochord Forms axial skeleton
Ectoderm Forms neural plate
Neural Plate Forms neural groove which houses the spinal cord and brain vesicles
Foregut Glands of buccal cavity, pharyngeal puches and pharynx
Midgut Duodenum, jejunum, appendix, and part of travsverse colon
Hindgut Part of travsverse, sigmoid & decending colon, rectum & upper anal canal
Somite Cells forms the sclerotome
Sclerotome vertebral column (cartilage & bone)
sclerotome myotome & dermatome
Allantois urinary bladder, vagina, urethra, prostate & urethral glands
Neural plate Macroglial cells
Neural plate Oligodendrocytes
Neural plate Astrocytes
Neural plate Neurons CNS
Neural plate Ependymal Cells
Neural plate Retinal Cells
Neural crest DRG
Neural crest PNS
Foramen ovale between interatrial septum
Foramen ovale fossa ovalis
Ductus Arteriosus Bupasses lung pulmonary veins & left ventricles
Ductus Arteriosus ligamentum arteriosum
Ductus Venosus Bypasses sinusoids of fetal liver
Ductus Venosus ligamentum venosum
Umbilical vein ligamentum teres
Umbilical vein round ligament
Umbilical arteries medial umbilical ligaments
Created by: missyh23