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gen chem


difference in electroneg between two element must be _____ to form ionic bond greater 1.7
triple bonds have ______ length and ___ energy shortest, highest
octet rule applies to CNOF
rules for lewis structure 1. least electroneg in center 2. H and halogens at the end 3 total valence electron 4 connect the atoms then subtract the bonded e from valence electron 5. add the excess electrons to most electroneg 6 if middle doesnt have octet put double/triple
formal charge valence e- 1/2 bonded e- nonbond e
Resonance has same _____ but nonidentical___ elements; lewis structure
rules for reseonance 1.small/no formal charg preferred 2. neg charge placed on most electroneg element
atoms wid same electroneg/ equally share nonpolar covalent bonds eg H2
pulled towards more electroneg atom in a bond polar covalent
lewis Acid ____ electron Accepts electrons
shape n angle for XY2 compds linear; 180
shape n angle for XY3 trigplan;120
shape n angle for XY4 tetrahedral; 109.05
shape n angle for XY5 trigbipyr; 90,120,180
shape n angle for XY6 octahedral; 90, 180
NH3 has _shape trig pyri
H2O is a molecule, with the H-O-H angle equal to bent with angle; 104.5
1 pi bond has 2 pi electron
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