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Dat organic

Alcohols and ether

naming alcohol C attached to OH should have lowest number, suffix "ol"
bp and mp are ______ than norm hydrocarbons Higher
strong acid _____ ka but ______pkas high, small
_______ substitutes increase acidity on phenol electron withdrawing
Water + alkene H add to least sub C and OH to more sub C
CH3MgBr + aldehyde =O turns to OH and CH3 added to the C which had the carbonyl
oxidize prim alcol is ______ aldehyde
oxidize sec alco is ketone
LAH ( LiAlH) + carboxylic acid R-C=O \OH removes the carbonyl to form alcohol
NaBH4 + aldehydes adds H to C=O to form C-OH
alcohol + H2SO4 + heat minor(= less sub C) and major alkene ( = more sub C)--> E1
when can alcohol undergo substitution 1.Protonated 2.converted to Tosylate 3.Form ester
Bulky alchol + HBr SN1- substitutes OH with Br
Alcohol + SOCl2 forms alkyl chloride
primary alcohol + PCC c-OH to C=O
sec alcohol + Na2Cr2O7 C-OH to C=O
primary alcohol + CrO3 C-OH to C=O \OH
phenols + Na2Cr2O7 OH to =O and the double bonds rearranged in the ring
gen formula for ether ROR
naming ethers prefix- smaller chain, suffix- larger chain "alkoxy " "alkane"
Williamso ether synthesis metal alkoxides + primary alkyl halides/ tosylates
alkoxides attack only _____ halides non hindered
____ + mcpba = oxirane alkene
Ether + O2 ROOR (peroxides)
non hindered ether + Hbr alkyly halide + alcohol (Sn2)
bulky ether + Hbr alkyl halide, (Sn1)
epoxide + HBr most subst C gets Br/ halide
epoxide + Base (Br-) least subst C gets halide
grignard (chrMgBr) reacts with alcohols only in acidid conditions
HBr + _______ alcohols form low yield substitution but high yield alkene secondary and tertiary alcohols
KMno4 will not react with ___ alcohol tertiary
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