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History - Chapter 3

The French Revolution

How was French Society divided in the 1789? France in 1789 was still following old regime or old order, they were separated into three estates, it was the 1st class:CLERGY 2nd class:NOBLES and 3rd class: PEASANTS
How did the CLERGY feel about the 3 estates?What social services did the clergies operate? They loved it , they paid no tax, they enjoyed wealth, the church owned about 10% of land,and collected taxes or tithes, enjoyed their privileges, they did although provide social services like run schools, and hospitals and orphanages.
Why were Clergy criticized? They were criticized because the clergy was interfering in government
what rights did the nobles have ? They were promised top jobs in the gov. army and courts at the church.
what did nobles hate? They hated absolutism and hated when middle class men would get their jobs.
What were nobles afraid of? they were afraid of loosing their privileges, especially their freedom of paying taxes.
What did the 3rd estate hate? Who was the poorest members of the third estate? They hated having to pay everyone's taxes ON EVERYTHING.Urban workers were the poorest of the poor.
Even if you were rich but in the 3rd class why couldn't you move up?... or what were you still considered? you were still considered poor and of the 3rd estate no matter what.
What made the 3rd estate start to question the inequalities or the old regime of why the first 2 estates were have such great privileges while 3rd estate struggled to even survive? The Enlightenment
What was 1 of the reasons France was in a great debt? They had lost the seven years war, American revolution and deficit spending.
Who put France in that position?What was happening by 1789? King Louis the XIV, by 1789 Half of the gov. income taxes was going to pay off the interest in this enormous debt.
What led food prices to go up in the late 1780's? A bad harvest which brought hunger to city dwellers and poorest peasants.
Finally what did Louis XVI do to solve economic crisis? He hired A man named Jacques Necker.
What did Necker propose?What happened when he proposed the idea of first 2 estates to pay tax? He told king to reduce court spending,Abolish tariffs on internal trade, but when he proposed the idea of having the first 2 estates pay tax, the first 2 estates forced him to get kicked out.
What did the Powerful classes tell the King to DO? THEY WANTED THE KING TO SUMMON THE 3 ESTATES GENERAL . Fearing that they would to try to rise to power again, they offered to a chance that came along the glorious revolution in England.they hoped that that would bring the nobles under control.
What would always occur when they would vote at the 3 estates general? What did the 3rd estate finally do? the 3rd class would always get out voted, by the first two classes, the 3rd class finally claimed to represent the people of France they declared themselves the national assembly and they also wanted to vote " by head",
What happened on July 14, 1789, in paris, france? People surrounded Bastille prison demanded weapons and gunpowder that was believed to be stored there.
What happened when the commander of Bastille when he refused to open the gates? commander of Bastille refused to open the gates and started shooting at the crowd,the crowd got pissed off killed the commander, 5 guards, and released almost all of the prisoners only to find that there weren't any weapons in the prison.
What was the symbol of the Bastille ATTACK? The Bastille was a symbol to the People of france representing the years of abuse from the monarchy. this was a wake up call for kinG louis XVI.
what DID THE POLITICAL CRISIS LEAD TO IN 1789 WHEN faMILIES WERE swarming with unemployment and fear? There was greatt fear or a revolt.
Inflamed by famine and fear peasants unleashed their fury on the nobles because?...and what did the peasants do?... because the nobles were trying to reimpose medieval dues, they peasants got really pissed and started to steal grain and put stores on fire
Why was Paris considered to be the revolutionary center? because in paris, there were factions or disending groups of people that competed to gain power
who was the man that fought on side of George Washington, in the American revolution, AND HEADED THE NATIONAL GUARD? MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE
What is the Declaration of man and Citizens? What did it state? it's sort of like a declaration stating that every man is equal and have rights like liberty, property, security , freedom of religion, and they were taxed on their abilty to pay, "liberty, equality, fraternity"
Who was the woman who wanted the same equality for women as they had for men in 1791? Olympe de Gouges
Created by: the97woman
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