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History ET

Enlightenment thinkers

Popular with American Patriots (2 Answers) John Locke/Baron
Wanted separation of powers in government. Baron
Did not feel everyone was equal. Baron
Defended a person’s right to free speech. Voltaire
Wrote the Social Contract to suggest all citizens should have direct say in government. Rousseau
Advocated for women’s political rights. Mary
Was an atheist. Diderot
Organized the Encyclopedia. Diderot
Advocated tolerance of all religions. Voltaire
Only Puritan Thinker. Voltaire
Believed man was born with a sinful nature. Hobbes
Wrote the Leviathan. Hobbes
Believed government got its power from the people. Rousseau
Wrote Satires to criticize the monarchs. Voltaire
Believed people were more affected by environment than heredity. Voltaire
Believed the job of government was to protect individual rights of people. Locke
Used his inheritance and position to help society. Baron
Believed government got its power from the people. Hobbes
Believed in direct democracy. Rousseau
Believed man was good, but corrupted by society (2 Answers). Diderot/Rousseau
Advocated for women’s rights at home. Locke
Approved slavery. Baron
Loved the study of biology. Diderot
Believed men were responsible for inequality. Mary
Believed human nature could be perfected with improved education. Rousseau
Believed that absolute rule would provide social order. Hobbes
Influenced a part of the Constitution. Baron
Believed in freedom of religion. Baron
Was forced to flee during the English Civil War because he disagreed with the king. Locke
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