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Rybarczyk Civics

Unit 3 Review

President's Signature Final step for a bill to become a law
Pardon Presidential power that allows a convicted criminal to go free.
PResident Pro Tempore Runs the daily business of the Senate when the Vice PResident is absent
Bill of Attainder Punishing a person without a jury trial
Possible actions taken by a congressional committee Recommend a Bill Pass as it is Propose changes to the bill Rewrite the bill Kill the Bill Pigeonhole
Overriding presidential veto Example of the legislature checking the power of the executive branch
Two Number of senators from each state
Foreign Policy A countries plan for dealing with other nations
Pocket Veto The President ignores the bill when Congress was out of session
Structure of Congress The house is based on proportional representation and the senate has equal representation
veto Ability of the president to check the power of the legislature
22nd Amendment Limits the president to two terms in office
Senate Can prevent the president by controlling the supreme court by blocking appointments to the bench
Dissenting Opinion A supreme court justices written disagreement of a decision by a supreme court justice. Voices disagreement with the majority opinion.
Implied powers Found in the Necessary and Proper clause or the "elastic clause". Gives Congress the ability "stretch" its
Speaker of the House Decides what bills the house will debate
Presidential Succession Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore. Secretary of State
Filibuster Senators strategy to delay a vote on a bill to force the bill's sponser to withdraw the measure
Franking Privilege The ability of congressional members to send items posted for free
Legislative Leader Role of the President that signs or vetos legislations
Qualifications for becoming a member of Congress House of Representatives: 25 years old, Citizen for 7 years, Live in the state & District Senate: 35 years old, Citizen for 9 years, Live in the state
Ex post facto laws Laws "after the fact" this is a limit on congressoinal authority that prevent congress from making an act a crime, after a crime has been committed.
Supreme Court Justices No formal qualifications to get position. Allowed to serve for a lifetime.
Majority Opinion States the facts of a case. Announces it's ruling and explains the courts reasoning in reaching a decision.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) The purpose of this organization is to deal with threats to the United States
Makes laws and approves Federal appointments The Legislative Branche
Writ of Habeas Corpus Safeguards against a person being kept in jail unlawfully and involves bringing a person before a judge
Judicial Review Principal that allows the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn decisions made in lower courts and can declare laws unconstitutional
Head of State Role of the President that requires participation in ceremonies and paradea
Structure of the Federal Courts 1. U.S. Supreme Court 2. U.S. Court of Appeals 3. U.S. District Courts
Presidential Qualifications 35 Years Old, Natural Born Citizen, Live in the U.S. for 14 years
Conference Committee Type of committee forms with the House of Representatives and the Senate pass different forms of the same bill and try to fix it
When signed into a law, the bill is different from the original bill Congressional committees will amend(change) the bill during the writing process
Government Corporations Not for profit government businesses that provide services to the public (Postal Service)
Senate 2/3 of this body must vote to confirm a presidential nomination or treaty
Gerrymander An oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group
Appropriations and Tax Bills The constitution states that these types of bills must be introduced by the body that is closest to the people
Commander in Cheif Role of the President that sends troops to battle and commands the military
Census Population count every 10 years that determines the number of residents living in each state and the representatives that are sent to Congress
Executive Orders Commands from the President that have the order of law
Appoint supreme court judges President can limit the power of the court by his/her selection
Judicial Review Declaring a law unconstitutional
Impeachment Process House of Representatives brings the impeachment charges and the Senate acts as a jury to determine the conviction (guilty/innocent)
Pork Barrel Projects Members of Congress send money to thier home state or district
Economics Leader Presidential role requiring the planning of the federal budget and attention to the nations economy
Created by: srybarczyk
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