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African studies-ch.1

Defining the discipline of Black Studies

When did Black Studies begin? 1960's
It began as part of the African American struggle for? Freedom, Justice, Equality, and Power
Who did black studies challenge? Structure and functioning of university; knowledge base and instruction; relations to power; racial focus; how it marginalized and excluded black people; and irrelevance of its education
What is black studies? The critical and systematic study of thought and practice of African people in their current and historical unfolding
What is Diaspora? The dispersion or scattering of people with a common origin
What is Pan African? To include all Africans as subjects of study
What is the African initiative? Refers to Africans thinking, acting, producing, creating, building, speaking, and problem-solving in their own unique way in the world.
What is the African experience? Refers to what Africans have done and lived through rather than what they have undergone.
Where was the controversy of African studies? Egypt.
How did Black studies begin? It began as a student movement against social struggles.
What is Maat? An Egyptian model, where people express a commitment to using their knowledge and skills in the service of the people.
What does Maat doing include? Insuring justice, caring for the vulnerable, respecting others, and working for future generations.
What is the teaching of Oluko? He stated "people should speak truth, do justice, be kind to each other, and struggle for goo din the world."
Why is knowledge important? Improving the human condition and the future, but is for you to share with the community.
What 4 movements emerged black studies? 1. Civil Rights Movement; 2. Free Speech Movement; 3. Anti-Vietnam War Movement; 4. Black Power Movement
What were the 4 intentions of the Civil rights movement? Break down barriers of legal segregation in public accommodations; Achieve equality and justice for Blacks; Organize blacks into self-consciousness capable of defining, defending, and advancing their interest; SNCC
What is the SNCC responsible for? Organizing Black and Whites to participate in the struggle in the south.
Where did the Free Speech Movement begin and when? At UC Berkeley in 1964.
What was the intention of the Free Speech Movement? A white student protest against the rigid, restrictive, and unresponsive character of the university.
When and why was the Anti-war Movement started? Began in 1965 to protest against the Vietnam War.
What did the Students for Democratic Society begin? Resistance on the war, and created a unified movement.
When did the Black Power Movement begin? In 1965
What did the Black Power advocates stress? Stressed the importance of political and economic power in terms of achieving and maintaining it. And advocated for an education that was meaningful.
Cultural pluralism is the predecessor to multiculturalism today. what does cultural pluralism mean? Mutual respect for all peoples and due recognition of their contribution to U.S. and world history.
In 1966, the Negro Student Union, at San Francisco State University, changed its name to what? Why? Black Student Union (BSU). To indicate a new identity and direction.
Who demanded the first Black Studies Department? Dr. James Garrett
What did the BSU demand at SFSC? A legitimate Black Studies Department and a special admissions program that would waive entrance requirements for a given number of Black students.
Who was given the task of formulating an autonomous Back Studies Program? Dr. Nathan Hare
What was Nathan Hare's missions? Develop a Department of Black Studies; Special admissions for Black Students.
Why did BSU launch a strike on November 6th? The board of trustees continually delayed implementation of the program.
Who was the first institution of higher education to establish a Black Studies Program? San Francisco State
Until 1969, what did historically black colleges reject? The idea of having Black Studies Programs.
What were the academic concerns in developing a black studies program? Whites were the model for all other peoples; White culture was inadequate and distorted
What were the social concerns in developing a black studies program? White studies was resistant to educational social change which is central to a relevant education; Black studies advocates argue the need to teach Black Studies from a black frame of reference.
What were the basic objectives of Black studies? Teach black experience with special attention to history and culture; develop a body of knowledge and use it in interest of black people; Create individuals who are dedicated to community service; Bring community to the campus and community.
How is Black Studies relevant? We get an inside look at early civilization; Provide U.S. with self criticism; Challenges University to speak whole truth; Reconstruct Black History and correct racist myths; New social science that will benefit blacks, U.S., and the world
Seven basic fields of black studies? Black History, Religion, Social Organization, Politics, Economics, Creative Production, and Psychology
What is the goal of African Studies? To teach the best African culture and social practice and pose it as a model of human excellence
What is the mission of African Studies? Link knowledge and power, education and the obligation to serve, and student learning with student activism directed toward achieving the good in and for the community.
What is the responsibility of Black studies academic excellence? Requires excellence in research and teaching that represents a superior level of knowledge
What is the social responsibility of black studies? Requires shared responsibility for building a good community, society, and world we all want and deserve.
Created by: stoeckee
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