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Korean War

When was Korea divided September 9, 1948
What country had control of Korea before the division (for 50 years)? Japan
Colony An area/country under control bu another country/government
Where was North Korea split? 38th Parallel
Who occupied the Northern Half of Korea? Soviet Union
Kind of government in North Korea Communism
Kind of government in South Korea Non-communist; democracy
What happens to wealth in communism? distributed equally among people
The Soviets were trying to do what in order to increase power? Spreading communism to other countries and gaining land and allis
The stand off between the US and Soviet Union Cold War
What did Kim II Sung want to do? Reunite the Korean Peninsula under a communist reign
What president tried to stop Kim II Sung and North Korea? Truman
What happened in North Korea? North Korea invaded the southern peninsula
Who led the UN forces in the fight against communists? America
What country felt threatened and sent troops to help the North Koreans? China
Why did MacArhur do to get fired? He talked to the press about Truman
What president ended the Korean War? Dwight D. Eisenhower
What did the peace agreement do? Gave North and South Korea their border back
What is a DMZ? A DeMilitarized Zone, where the North and South can protect their borders
What has happened to North Korea over the past 50 years? North Korea has grown more isolated from the rest of the World
Created by: katiejamesnc