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Chapter 13

Study Guide

Define Crusade sent by the Pope to take over the Holy Land
Middle Ages lasted from 500 to 1500
Nation-State a country united under a single strong government.
manor a large estate owned by a noble or night
Republic a type of government in which people elect leaders to make laws for them
Golden Age a period in which society's history is marked by great achievements
City States political units made up by a city with surrounding lands
Senate a council of rich and powerful Romans who helped run the city.
Empire a government which includes many different peoples and lands under the same leader
Athens Culteral city-state of Greece.
What temple in Athens was a symbol of the city? Parthenon
What ended Greece's Golden Age? War with sparta
Who was Pericles? Greek leader
What was the purpose of the Crudades? To reclaim the Holy Land for the church.
What caused Rome's decline? war
What was part of Greek Literaure? plays
Who first used voting to make major decisions Greeks
Why is Constantine remembered? for adoting Christianity as the religion of the Roman Empire.
What are some characteristics of Greek statues? lifelike
What military advantage did the Persions have over the Greeks? Stronger, more organized army, better equiped.
What does Hellenistic refer to? Greek like
How did early Cristianity spread Jesus's deciples spread the gosple to parts of the Roman Empire.
What are the characteristics of Gothic Architecture? Tall towers, stain glass windows, gargoyles
Who is the head of the Christian Church? Pope
How did the church serve as the center of life during the middle ages? market place
How did Rome's government change after the republic fell apart? it was taken over by military leaders
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