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Government Midterm

Cards marked with an * are answered "all of the above"

The plan that advocated a legislature with representation in both houses based on population or wealth was called the ____ Virginia Plan
The authors [of the textbook] contend that the reason the American democracy has survived this long is that ____ Americans have a shared commitment to the Constitution and to each other.
Which plan contained the supremacy clause? the New Jersey Plan
The new Constitution was to be ratified by ____ popularly elected conventions in nine states
The first state to ratify the Constitution was ____ Delaware
More than half the world’s constitutions have been written in the last ____ four decades
The Articles of Confederation were approved by all of the state legislatures in ____ 1781, six years after Washington’s troops began fighting
*Problems with the Articles of Confederation included ____ inability to levy taxes to support the army and navy, lack of an executive branch, and the lack of a national judiciary system
The system wherein citizens come together to discuss and pass laws and select their rulers is called ____ direct democracy
Africa’s oldest democracy is ____ Botswana
The plan which called for one house in which each state would have an equal vote and a second house in which representation would be based on population was called the ____ Connecticut Compromise
Supporters of the new government who wrote in support of ratification called themselves ____ federalists
The British system concentrates power in the ____ legislature
In a system of checks and balances, ____ each branch has some authority over the others
After an amendment has been proposed, it must be ratified by the ____ states
All of the following are true concerning political parties EXCEPT that they may ____ obviate the system of checks and balances
This country’s constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote in its parliament, followed by a majority vote in a national referendum. Japan
Madison called the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, ____ tyranny
A procedure for submitting to popular vote the removal of officials from office before the end of their term is called a(n) ____ recall
The sole power of impeachment is given to the ____ Senate
According to the Supreme Court, after an amendment is proposed, it must be ratified ____ “in a reasonable time.”
A ____ amendment has been repeatedly proposed but not ratified. balanced budget
General purposed of federal grants include all of the following EXCEPT ____ to be able to control state and local political systems
The first state to grant same-sex couples the same rights and protections of married couples was ____ Vermont
Which of the following is NOT concurrent power shared by the national government and state governments? to charter local governments
The Federalist paper most clearly associated with the problems of factions and the ideas of federalism is ____ The Federalist, No. 10
There are approximately ____ counties in the United States. 3,000
The Constitutional base for the implied powers of Congress is ____ the necessary and proper clause
The centralist position has been supported by all of the following EXCEPT ____ Ronald Reagan
____ implies that although federalism provides “a sharing of power and authority between the national and state government, the states’ share rests upon the permission and permissiveness of the national government.” permissive federalism
Powers reserved to the states include all of the following EXCEPT the power to ____ establish courts
The percentage of individuals in the Republican Party who consider themselves “conservative” is ____ 71%
According to early liberal political philosophers, the primary threat to natural rights was ____ government
The former US senator who argued that the GOP was making a mistake by appearing to ally with the Christian Right was ____ Warren Rudman
While World War I and World War II strengthened positive views about the role of government the Vietnam War had the effect of ____ creating a sense of disillusionment
*The Libertarian Party would do away with ____ the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Central Intelligence Agency.
Conservatives believe that government should ____ maintain a framework of order within which other private institutions can operate effectively
Who is Bernard Sanders? None of the above
Cuban Americans tend to vote for ____ Republicans
Voter registration of African Americans compared to white is largely explained by differences in ____ education
All of the following are true EXCEPT ____ one half of all African Americans are below the poverty line.
When individuals do not stop to consider how people from other backgrounds may see things differently but rely on their own selective perception based on individual background, attitudes, and biases may be called ____ ethnocentrism
After the 2002 election, there were ____ state governors which happened to be women. four
A social division based on national origin, religion, language, and a sense of attachment may form a(n) ____ ethnicity
Population growth patterns include all of the following EXCEPT ____ there has been a resurgence of industrial growth in the New England states.
AIPAC is an example of a ____ foreign policy interest group
Employees of associations who try to influence policy decisions and positions in the executive and legislative branches of government are called ____ lobbyists
A company with a labor agreement under which union membership cannot be required as a condition of employment is considered a(n) ____ open shop
*The authors [of the textbook] present categories of interest groups which include ____ ideological, economic (including business and labor), and public interest.
Interest groups defined as a large body of people who are interested in a common issue, idea, or concern that is of continuing significance, and who are willing to take action on that issue are called ____ movements
Something given with the expectation of receiving something in return is called ____ quid pro quo
After the 2002 election, the U.S. Senate was ____ narrowly controlled by the Republicans
The theory that states government spending should increase during business slumps and be curbed during booms is referred to as ____ Keynesian economics
During the 1830s and 1840s, the system instituted to nominate candidates for public office was the ____ party convention
If states organize the ballot in columns, it makes it somewhat easier for voters to vote ____ a straight ticket
Senators came to be popularly elected with the ratification of the ____ 17th Amendment
We learned from the 2000 presidential election that a few hundred votes ____ can determine an election outcome
When political opinion exists as a potential, not yet crystallized and converted into an identifiable belief, it is said to be ____ latent
How strongly people hold beliefs, or the degree to which those beliefs are held, which can be measured on a scale, is termed ____ intensity
*Sources of American public opinion include ____ schools, religious and ethnic heritage, and mass media.
The most important issue in mid-term elections seems to be ____ the state of the economy
The interacting values which support democracy as found in this text include all of the following EXCEPT ____ respect between ethnic and racial groups
Special attention was focused on the problems inherent in the Articles of Confederation by ____ Shays’ Rebellion
The Federalist Papers were written by all of the following EXCEPT ____ Thomas Jefferson
*The interrelated political processes that support democracy include ____ the right to assemble and protest, free and fair elections, and freedom of expression
Presidential impoundment of funds is given as an example of ____ divided government
The Senate has convicted seven ____ after impeachment trials. judges
A court order directing an official to perform an official duty is called a(n) ____ writ of mandamus
The statement, “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution,” is attributed to ____ Thomas Jefferson
The type of grant which provides federal funds to states for prescribed activities such as welfare, child care, education, social services, preventive health, and health services are ____ block grants
The problem of Quebec challenges the federal system of which nation? Canada
Regional governments known as “cantons” are associated with the nation of ____ Switzerland
Domination of an industry by a single company by fixing prices and discouraging competition is called a(n) ____ monopoly
Socialism is most associated with the writings of ____ Karl Marx
Liberals are more concerned than conservatives about rights of ____ accused persons
A major difference between the US and other countries is that ____ the US is a nation of immigrants
Immigrants from Asia now account for what fraction of all foreign-born persons now living in the US? one in four
In court cases, associations can gain a forum for their views in the courts by filing ____ amicus curiae briefs
The effectiveness of PAC contributions and the receiving of favorable treatment in congressional committees is ____ significant
*The method(s) currently used in the United States for selecting candidates for public office are ____ primary, convention, and caucus.
The supreme authority in both major parties is the ____ national party convention
Mid-term elections elect ____ about 1/3 of the Senate and all Representatives
The number of individuals who participate in protests is small and the impact of their actions in shaping public opinion is ____ substantial
The system wherein those who have governmental authority get and retain authority directly or indirectly as a result of winning free elections in which all adult citizens are allowed to participate is called ____ representative democracy
Powers maintained by the legislative branch over the executive branch include ____ confirmation of senior federal appointment
The term used to refer to a system that delivers governmental goods and services to the people and calls for cooperation among various levels of government in getting the job done is called ____ cooperative federalism
The term which refers to the sum of our most cherished shared values is our ____ political culture
The study of where we live and who we are in terms of our religion and occupation and how that affects voting is called _____ demographics
James Madison believed that the “most common and durable source of factions, is ____ unequal distribution of property.”
The four major re-aligning elections were in the years ____ 1824, 1860, 1896, and 1932
Compared to other countries, Americans hold ____ more elections for more offices
*The authors [of the textbook] define the meaning of democracy as ____ interrelated political processes, a system of interacting values, and interdependent political structures.
The only 2 presidents to be impeached are ____ Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson
*Sub-units of government are called ____ provinces, republics, states
In contrast to liberals, conservatives want to keep government limited except in the area of ____ defense
The region of the US which is least prosperous is the ____ South
Which of the following environmental groups is mainly concerned with the issues of oceans, global warming, and genetically engineered foods? Greenpeace USA
The percentage of members of a party who vote together on roll call votes in Congress on which a majority of the members of one party vote against a majority of members of another party is called a ____ party unity score
Created by: renee.adele93
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