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Models of A&A

Models of Assimilation and Acculturation and it's levels

What model was favored though much of U.S history. Could be defined as being Ethnocentristic. Believed that all should conform to the American Model. Anglo-Conformity Model
Model where immigrant's cultures are altered into a new American culture. No single culture is dominant and all bend into a rich whole. Melting Pot Model
Model where one's culture is valued, accepted and maintained. Cultural-Pluralism Model
Level where the person rejects the new culture and attempt to maintain or revive native cultural traditions. Reaffirmation
Level where attempts are made to synthesize a selective combination of cultural aspects of two or more cultures (e.g., may accept the dress and food of the new culture, but retain the native view of healthcare and education). Synthesis
Level that someone rejects or withdraws from their native culture or the new culture because of culture conflict. May experience loneliness and fear when attempts are made to engage in activities to increase adaptation to new culture. Withdrawals
Level when the person tentatively accepts two or more cultures, but don’t fully integrate into any of them. Constructive- Marginality
Level where a person has full involvement in two or more cultures. Biculturalism
Level when person is becoming thoroughly mainstreamed into the new culture, rejecting and avoiding identification with the native culture and language. Compensatory Adaptation
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