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GA study

trustee period

where were the Salzburgers from? Gremany
why did they leave their country? escape catholic percution
what was the name of their first settlement? and what was wrong with it? Ebenezer, not suited for farming
new settlement? new ebenezer
where did the highland scots settle in GA? why did Oglethorpe recruit them? morden-day Darien, good warriers
how did oglethorpe's trip back to London strengthen GA? -renewed support in london -resulted in financial support for colony
who returned to GA with oglethorpe? John and Charles Wesley
who were the Malconents? and what did they want changed in the colony? people who wanted slavery and resented the leaders rules, they wanted to own more land.
describe the following for the malcontents rum, slavery, trade, landownership: rum: wanted to drink and sell it slavery: wanted more freedom trade: wanted to trade with Native Americans landownership: wanted to be able to give land to women also.
what was causing GA not to grow economically? - divided into 2 countries - people moved to northern part
what was the conflict between oglethorpe and the spanish? oglethorpe wanted to assemble a force that he hoped would invade flordia. spanish flordia became updet after the british built a fort ont heir island.
how did GA change after Oglethorpe left?describe rum, slavery, landownership, and the plantation system: could sell rum, slavery was aloud, own more land, plantations began and grew.