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Bien Dit Chapt 4 G 2

Préférer, Acheter and other similar verbs

préférer To prefer
espérer To hope
répéter To repeat/ to rehearse
acheter To buy
amener To bring along someone (when already at location)
emmener To take along someone (before going to the location intended)
lever To raise
promener To take for a walk
Je préfère la trousse verte. I prefer the green pencil case.
Tu espères gagner le match de tennis. You hope to win the tennis match.
Il répète la question. He repeats the question.
Elle préfère la trousse rouge. She prefers the red pencil case.
Nous espérons voyager en France. We hope to travel to France.
Vous répétez la pièce le mardi et jeudi. You rehearse the play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Ils préfèrent jouer au basket. They prefer to play basketball.
Elles espèrent faire des achats. They hope to go shopping.
J'achète une calculatrice. I'm buying a calculator.
Tu amènes ton ami à la boum. You take your friend to the party.
Il emmène son frère à l'école. He is taking his brother to school.
Elle lève la main. She raises her hand.
Nous promenons le chien. We are taking our dog for a walk.
Vous achetez des baskets. You buy sneakers.
Ils amènent leurs copains au stade. They bring their pals to the stadium.
Elles emmènent leur mère au restaurant. They are taking their mother to the restaurant.
Created by: mcharchar