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ACL Levels

ACL level 5 Exploratory actions (learning new activity) consults with others, considers social standards, self-directed learning, can improve fine details of actions, compares & changes versions. Can be careless, impulsive, trouble recognizing long-term consequences Interested in relat between objects - must be concrete, obvious. Able to coordinate hands w/more refinement (speed, pressure). Can perform tasks w/3 familiar steps + 1 new step after demo of new. Allen: sufficient for lower ed to function in community
ACL level 4 Goal-Directed Activity (familiar activity) Rote learning, personalizing, completing a goal, differentiating features, sequencing. Probably requires cues Able to copy directions one-step/time, visualize goal/finished product; interest in 2-dimens products (checker pattern mosaic) No plan for details like spacing, relies on prior learning. Trouble recognizing, correcting errors. Can't grasp hidden objects
ACL level 3 Manual Actions - uses all objects, senses completion of activity, distinguishes, grasps objects, notes effects of actions, sustains actions. Actions may be pointless or destructive. Needs cues to groom May behave inappropriately or lack goal direction. Interested in surroundings, easily distracted. Difficulty understanding cause/effect except in own simple acts. May get lost.
ACL level 2 Postural Actions (Gross Body Movements) Uses grab bars & railings for support, directed walking to self-id locaions, aimless walking, righting reactions, standing, overcoming gravity. Is aware of effects of gravity on body positions. May not be aware of social contexts, may wander. Appears to have primitive sense of self separate from environment. May take bizarre postures, 24 care needed
ACL level 1 Rasing body parts, rolling/moving in bed, locating stimuli, responding to stimuli, withdrawing from noxious stimuli. Slow response to cues/requests Conscious but profoundly disabled. Attention span - few seconds. May stare, walk, sit, chew with simple commands or carry out automatic habitual motor routines, such as self-feeding when food presented. Needs 24-hr nursing
ACL level 0 COMA: generalized reflexive actions Unconscious
ACL level 6 Planned actions (conceptual ability). Can think ahead, anticipate, predict consequences. Independent & organized Can appreciate relate. between obj. even when not obvious. Can anticipate errors & how to avoid them. Level 6 - assoc w/ higher ed, occupational bckgrnd, socioecon status
Created by: sherryama
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