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African studies-ch.2

Developmental Initiatives

Expansions of Black Studies Professional organizations of the discipline; Afrocentric initiative; Black Women's studies; Multicultural studies; Classical African studies;
What does AHSA stand for? African Heritage Studies Association
What did AHSA emerge from? ASA (African Studies Association)
List of demands to change its Eurocentric ideals of Africa 1. Clearing house "exchange information" establish networks 2. Encourage active participation in all Black conferences 3. Black scholar correct the teaching of Euro-Africa
What happened at the Federal City College in Washington DC and when did it happen? The founding president was given a rejection letter giving blacks the means of changing the ideological and structure of African Studies. Happen in June 1969.
ASHA Fundamental Goals? 1. Examine every approach and aspect of African history through out the world. 3. Challenge and question all who claim over African life. 4. Establish a "new frame of reference" relating to Africans. 5.Use African people to effect African people.
Important capacities that AHSA served? 1.Focus on International African world. 2.Mentoring and supporting young scholars. 3.Building an African Research Institute. 4. Responsible for scholarly encounter and exchange. 5.Responsible for other organizations.
What does NCBS stand for? National Council for Black Studies
When was NCBS initiated? Founded? Initiated: 1975; Founded: 1976
Who founded NCBS? Bertha Maxwell
What did she do? Called on black scholars around the world to to engage in critical issues of black studies
Who was Selase Williams and what was he responsible for? Commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility drawing from students, professionals, and interested citizens
NCBS activities and projects Recruit black scholars to teach all levels in college; Assist in creation of multicultural education programs k-12; Promote African research on African world; Increase resource on pan-African life for public; Provide professional advice to policy makers
When was Cheikh Anta Diop founded? By who? Where? In 1988. By Molefi Kete Asante. At Temple University
What program did Asante create? 1st Doctoral Program
3 objectives of Anta Diop Introduction of new discipline; networking among students and faculty in Black Studies; Advance the disciple around "Afrocentric idea"
Where did Asate challenge intellectuals to travel? Why? To Egypt. To create a community of scholars.
What was gained from the experience of the voyage? To provide a right of passage for the discipline for Africana Studies and the community.
Important features of the Anta Diop Cultural integrity; Elder leadership model; Intellectual "rites of passage"; Community base; Fusion of he academic and practical enterprise; International Pan-Africanism
What was the 1st factor for the development of black women's studies? Intellectual and practical struggles waged by Black women
2nd factor for development of black women studies? Struggle for space and recognition in the building and developing the 3 major organizations.
3rd factor for development of black women studies? Tension between Black and White feminists.
4th factor for development of black women studies? Many of the movements were sexist.
Challenges the Black Women's study faced? Continue to expand scholarship b and about black women; Continue involvement in from a women's perspective; Balance speaker at colleges that attract both men and women; Make an effort to quote works of both African men and women
Three major responses of multicultural studies? Dilute and divert the demands of African people; Superficial cultural diversion that would not deal with wealth and power; Viewed as another discipline about education and quality under another category
4 expressions of multicultural studies? Mutual respect for each people and culture as unique way of being human; Respect each persons right to speak their own cultural truth and make contribution to society; Commitment to search for common ground in diversity; Commitment to an ethics of sharing
7 ethics of sharing? Shared status, knowledge, space, wealth, power, interest, and responsibility for the building of the world
3 groundings of multicultural studies? Moral grounding; Intellectual grounding; and Social grounding
4 benefits of the African Diaspora Studies? Deepens and expands study of African people everywhere; Speaks to African immigrants and other parts of Diaspora; Reaffirms roots and reveals concerns recognizing diversity; Provides opportunities for studies within the world
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