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JA Biztown

Unit 3

interests Things a person likes to do.
skill Something someone does well.
teamwork The cooperative efforts by members of a group to achieve the same overall goal.
negotiation The process of 2 or more people working to solve a problem.
pay stub The part of a paycheck that is retained by the employee as a record of pay and payroll deductions.
ethics The standards that help determine what is good right, and proper.
net pay Gross pay minus any taxes and other payroll deductions.
application A form that is completed by people applying for a job.
interview A discussion (usually face-to-face) to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a job.
applicant A person who requests or seeks something, such as a job.
gross pay The amount an employee has earned before any taxes or other deductions are subtracted.
conflict resolution The process of resolving a dispute or disagreement.
entrepreneur An innovative; one who recognizes opportunities and organizes resources to take advantage of them.
employer a person that hires one ofr a salary/job.
employee works for an employer
payroll Tax a tax on an employee's pay
resume summary of persons' work and school experiences to help hire an employee
innovative solutions creative ideas for solving problems
soft skills how to act on the job
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