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Hawthorne Stories

English III - Hawthorne Short Stories

Goodman Brown's wife Faith
symbol of innocence and purity pink ribbon
Brown's traveling companion the devil
shape of the staff serpent
Goodman Brown's town Salem
name of Rappaccini's daughter Beatrice
Beatrice's blood poison
Country where "Rappaccini's Daughter" takes place Italy
Beatrice and Giovanni die from their poisoned blood and this solution antidote
Dr. Heidegger's experiment water from the fountain of youth
name of Dr. Heidegger's bride to be Sylvia
symbol of Dr. Heidegger's love for his "bride" a rose
Mr. Killigrew's personality drunk; gambler
Mr. Gascoine's personality politician
Mr. Medbourne's personality ambitious money making schemes
Widow Wycherly's personality flirt; obsessed with her own beauty
object that breaks in "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" vase of water
place where the fountain of youth is supposed to be Florida
explorer who searched for the fountain of youth Ponce de Leon
place where Giovanni meets Beatrice garden
Aylmer's wife Georgiana
shape of the birthmark little hand
Aylmer's profession scientist
Aylmer's servant Aminadab
the result of the birthmark disappearing Georgiana died
Rappaccini's profession doctor
professor who invents an antidote Baglioni