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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
English I Vocabulary "The Most Dangerous Game" Vocabulary English Vocabulary 2009-10-29 efrench@wellington.k 19 0 edit
French I Body Parts "Body Parts" French Vocabulary French 2020-09-16 efrench@wellington.k 20 11 edit
French I - Vocab. Les Jours, Les Mois, Les Saisons French 2009-10-29 efrench@wellington.k 23 0 edit
French I Vocabulary Les Fruits et Les Viandes French 2009-11-06 efrench@wellington.k 18 0 edit
English I - Novels The Giver Literature 2009-11-06 efrench@wellington.k 24 0 edit
Vocab. of Places French II - Les Endroits et la Transportation French 2009-12-08 efrench@wellington.k 28 0 edit
La Revolution French III - La Revolution Fran├žaise French 2009-12-08 efrench@wellington.k 21 0 edit
Gathering Blue Gathering Blue - Vocabulary English Vocabulary 2009-12-17 efrench@wellington.k 29 0 edit
French I Countries Countries and Continents French 2010-01-27 efrench@wellington.k 26 0 edit
English I - Lit. "Night" Vocabulary Literature 2010-02-02 efrench@wellington.k 20 0 edit
French III Huis Clos French 2010-03-22 efrench@wellington.k 19 0 edit
"Flush" Vocabulary Flush - Vocabulary English Vocabulary 2010-04-14 efrench@wellington.k 20 0 edit
Les Endroits French I Places Vocabulary French 2010-04-15 efrench@wellington.k 22 0 edit
English I - Flush Flush - Story Elements Literature 2010-05-10 efrench@wellington.k 24 0 edit
Literary Terms English I Literary Terms English Vocabulary 2010-09-20 efrench@wellington.k 20 0 edit
French I- La Famille Family Members Vocabulary French 2011-01-10 efrench@wellington.k 23 0 edit
Les Artistes French III - Les Beaux-Arts French 2013-04-09 efrench@wellington.k 18 0 edit
Professions Vocab. French I Professions Vocabulary French 2013-03-18 efrench@wellington.k 19 0 edit
Car Parts les parties de la voiture French 2017-01-27 efrench@wellington.k 17 1 edit
L'Histoire L'Histoire Pre-historique French 2011-09-27 efrench@wellington.k 24 0 edit
Hawthorne Stories English III - Hawthorne Short Stories Literature 2012-10-01 efrench@wellington.k 27 0 edit
Le subjonctif French III Subjunctive Review French 2012-02-01 efrench@wellington.k 18 0 edit
French I Stores/food French I Vocabulary French 2012-05-23 efrench@wellington.k 31 0 edit
Les Nombres French Vocab. for Numbers French 2012-09-12 efrench@wellington.k 21 0 edit
The Other Wes Moore The Other Wes Moore vocab. and information Literature 2019-01-06 efrench@wellington.k 26 4 edit

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