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PBHS JuliusCaesar II

PBHS Julius Caesar Act II Study Guide and Quotes

important things to remember about this study guide: (click to view back) -this study guide does not include vocabulary (will be added later on if it will be on the test) -most of the equally helpful questions in the packet aren't on this -please create an account and favorite for more stars! -play games and print!(below)
setting of Act II, Scene I Brutus's Orchard and House
setting of Act II, Scene II Caesar's House
setting of Act II, Scene III a street in Rome
setting of Act II, Scene IV before the House of Brutus
character(s) present in Act II, Scene I Brutus, Lucius, Cassius, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Metellus, Trebonius, Portia, Ligarius
character(s) present in Act II, Scene II Caesar, Servant, Calphurnia, Decius, Publius, Brutus, Antony, Trebonius
character(s) present in Act II, Scene III Artemidorus
character(s) present in Act II, Scene IV Portia, Lucius, Soothsayer
what Brutus is doing at the beginning of scene I calling for Lucius
what Brutus asks Lucius to do in scene I get him a taper in his study (light a candle in his study)
what Brutus receives at the beginning of Scene I a letter
who visits Brutus in Scene I Cassius and other conspirators
who the conspirators include "for his silver hair", then decide not to include him because Brutus protests Cicero
the person the conspirators are afraid of because of his relationship to Caesar, they also propose assassinating him Antony
the time that the conspirators want to disperse 3 o'clock
the man who "doth bear Caesar hard" and joins in the conspiracy at Metellus's calling Caius Ligarius
Brutus's wife Portia
thinks Brutus is sick and is worried about him Portia
the "sick man"(according to Lucius) who visits Brutus after he talks to Portia Caius Ligarius
decides to follow Brutus at the end of Scene I Caius Ligarius
what Caesar orders his servant to do at the beginning at Scene II order the priests to make a sacrifice
the person who has dreams of Caesar's murder his wife Calphurnia
the outcome of the sacrifice "plucking the entrails of an offering forth, they could not find a heart within the beast"
the priests' opinion of the day they do not want Caesar to go out
Caesar's original decision in Scene II to stay home
Caesar's original plan in Scene II for Antony to say that he is not well
the conspirator who convinces Caesar to go out Decius
why Caesar wants to go out in Scene II to receive the crown from the senators
what Decius claims about Calphurnia's dream she did not interpret it correctly, and it i it was actually a dream that showed Rome benefiting from Caesar's rule
what happens in scene III Artemidorus writes a letter warning Caesar and decides to stand in the street to wait for him to pass by to warn him
what Portia orders Lucius to do in Scene IV run to the senate house and return and see if Brutus looks well
the person who enters near the beginning of Scene IV to talk to Portia the Soothsayer
Portia's opinion towards the conspiracy she doesn't support the conspiracy but supports her husband
"What, Lucius, ho!" Brutus
"Get me a taper in my study" Brutus
"Speak, Strike, Redress!" Brutus when reading his letter
"Yes, every man of them; and no man here But honors you, and every one doth wish You had but that opinion of yourself..." Cassius
"Betwixt your eyes and night?" Brutus
"O let us have him, for his silver hairs..." Metellus
"He will never follow anything that other men begin..." Brutus referring to Cicero
"Shall no man else be touched, but only Caesar?" Decius
"..Let's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully.." Brutus
"I think it is not meet Mark Antony, so well beloved of Caesar, should outlive Caesar.." Cassius
"To cut the head off and then hack the limbs Like wrath in death and envy afterwards..." Brutus
"Let's be sacrificers, but not butchers..." Brutus
"Let not our look put on our purposes, but bear it as our Roman actors do..." Brutus
"Set on your foot, and with a heart new-fired I follow you..." Ligarius
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste death but once..." Caesar
"Your wisdom is consumed in confidence..." Calphurnia
"Lest I be laughed at when I tell them so" Decius
"That every like is not the same, O Caesar,the Heart of Brutus earns to think upon" Brutus
"I have a man's mind but a woman's might" Portia
Created by: bsoeter
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