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Amendments- BOR

Amendments in the Bill of Rights (26)

Freedom of speech, assembly, petition, religon.... etc. First Amendment
Can bear Arms Second Amendment
You do not have to house soldiers Third Amendment
Proctection against unreasonable searches and the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Must have warrant to search property. Fourth Amendment
protects an accused person from self incrimination; Eminette Domain Fifth Amendment
Person accused of crime the right to speedy trial by jury Sixth Amendment
trial by jury in certain cases that involve conflicts over money or property Seventh Amendment
Forbids cruel and unusual punishment. Court can't set excessive bail Eight Amendment
People of US enjoy other rights not listed in the Constitution Ninth Amendment
Gives states the power to act to guarntee citizens rights. Tenth Amendment
Freed slaves throughtout the US and its territories Thirteenth Amendment
Provides for Due Process and equal protection of the law for all Americans Fourteenth Amendment
Voting Rights were granted to African Americans Fifteenth Amendment
Womans Suffrage; woman can vote Nineteenth Amendment
Direct Election of senators by the people rather than through the state legislatures Seventeenth Amendment
What amendment was added to the Constituion after what War to protect the rights of African Americans 14th Amendment Civil War
Lowered voting age in the US from 21 to 18. 26th amendment
Gave people living in Washington, D.C. the right to vote for president and vice president 23rd amendment
Rights guaranteed to all US citizens are called Human Rights
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