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Vocab 1 - MPR

Vocabulary Related to Minimum Program Requirements

Alteration Improvement work by the construction of non-bearing walls, partitions, ceilings, floors, interior doors or windows, MEP or service system. Work does not extend to the primary structural components, exterior shell, or roof of the building.
Certificate of Occupancy Document issued by a local authority indicating that premises complies with provisions of zoning, building ordinances, building code, and/or approved plans and specifications. This is often required before premises can be occupied and title transferred.
Complete Interior Space At a minimum, the gross floor area within the exterior walls that is within a single occupant’s control and contains all building components altered as part of the same construction scope. This is also referred to as the ‘completed design area’.
Contiguous Touching; in contact.
Full Time Equivalent (FTE) A regular building occupant who spends 40 hours per week in the building or space, or the equivalent. Part-time or overtime occupants have FTE values based on their hours per day.
Gerrymander To divide and assign land in such a way as to give unfair, inconsistent representation to one parcel over another. (NOT ALLOWED!)
Major Renovation Extensive alteration work in addition to work on the exterior shell, primary structural components, MEP and service systems, or site work. Typ. cannot maintain building use during construction, and new cert. of occupancy is required.
Party Wall A wall without openings erected as a common support to structures on both sides.
Performance Period The continuous, unbroken time during which sustainable operations performance for a building and/or site is being measured.
Primary Function Space The floor area that serves the main purpose of the building or space.
Primary Structural Component Any component of the load-bearing structure of a building including footings, piles, foundations, columns, girders, beams, joists, wind, or seismic bracing.
Regularly Occupied Space Areas where workers work. In residentieal, excludes bathrooms, utility areas, closts and storate. In schools, includes where students, teachers, or administrators work.
Schematic Design The initial phase of architectural work that establishes the scope and physical outline of the project.
Typical Physical Occupancy The state in which normal building operations are underway and the building is being used by the average number of full time equivalent occupants for which it was designed.
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