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Stack 2-Canada to WWI

What year did Alberta and Sask. join confederation? 1905
What number province was Alberta? 8th
What number province was Sask? 9th
What is Canadas motto? From Sea to Sea
What did Canadians still fear after Sask & Alberta joined? American Expansion
What did Canadians still fight for after Alberta and Sask joined confederation? Independance from the UK
Wilfred Laurier was the first what? French-Canadian Priminister
What political party was he part of? Liberal
What dollar bill is Laurier on today? $5
What was Lauriers goal? To bring together french and english society
Quebecers voted out who and why? Conservatives because they did nothing
What did the a Yukon goldrush highlight? A new era of prosperity
What was one thing the CPR was used for? Used to head out west
Who used the CPR to get to their settlements Immigrants from Europe
What war divided Canadas French and English speaking people? Boer War
Who was trying to expand its control in S. Africa Britain
Who resisted the British when they tried to gain control of S.Africa? Boers (Dutch Settlers)
What was the real reason Britain wanted S.Africa? Gold & Diamonds
Which Canadian group supported sending troops to the Boer War? English Canadians
Which Canadian group of people resisted sending troops to the Boer war? French Canadians
What compromise did Laurier make to try and satisfy both groups about the Boer war? sent Canadian volunteers who fought in the British army
Who was Lauriers biggest critic on his desicion to send troops to British Armies? Henri Bourassa
What was the second issue Canada was divided over? Naval Issue
Until what year were Canadas shores protected by the British Navy? 1910
What did English Canadians want to do about the naval issue? wanted to help the British pay for ships or provide ships
What did the French Canadians want to do about the naval issue? wanted a navy of our own
In the end what was the result of the Naval Issue? Canada would have its own navy that would be turned over to Britain times of emergency
By WWII how many Naval ships did Canada have? Canada still only had 2 pathetic loaned British warships
Who opposed Reciprocity? Canadian business and factory owners
Farmers from where asked the government for a deal that would reduce tariffs on US goods? Farmers from the West
Who was worried about loss of business going east-west? Railway Owner
Laurier and the Liberals lost the election when because of Reciprocity? 1911
When was the Yukon Territory formed? 1898
What was one of the reasons the population in the Yukon grew so much? Klondike Gold Rush
What was different about the Alaskan Boundry dispute? The french and Enlish Canadians both agreed on it
Who purchased Alaska from Russia and when was it purchased? U.S.A, 1867
What gave access to the gold fields by sea? Alaskan Panhandle
A tribunal was set up with how many judges to dispute this issue? 3 US judges, 2 Canadian and 1 British
Who did the British Judge vote in favor of for the Alaskan Boundry Tribunal? U.S
After the Alaskan Boundry Tribunal Canadians were furious with the British judge and wanted what? Self-Government
Created by: tashabelle