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Chapter 12 vocab, ke


Imperialism an economic and political domination of a strong nation over other weaker nations
Protectorate imperial power allowed the local rulers to stay in control and protect them against rebellious and invasion
Anglo Saxonism English- speaking nations had superior character, ideas, and systems of government and were dominate
Josiah Strong popular American minister in the late 1800s, linked Anglo- Saxton to Christianity ideas
Matthew C. Perry naval expedition to Japan to negotiate a trade treaty
Queen Liliuokalani assended the Hawaiian throne, disliked the american settlers influence
James G. Blaine served as secretary of state in two admisistrations in the 1880's
Pan Americanism idea that US and Latin America should work together
Alfred T. Mahan officer in the U.S. navy who taught at the Naval War College, published "The influence of sea power upon history"
Henry Cabot Lodge push for construction of new navy
William Randolph Hearst "Journal" newspaper that was his
Joseph Pulitzer "World" newsepaper was his
Yellow Journalism made up or exaggerated stories to attract readers
Enrique Dupuy de Lome Spanish ambassador to the United States
Jingoism attitude of aggressive nationalism
Theodore Roosevelt Assistant secretary of the navy
George Dewey May 1, 1898, led squadron into manila bay in the philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo Filipino revolutionary leader who had staged an unsuccessful uprising against the spanish
Rough Riders volunteere cavalry from american west. mix of cowboys, moners, and law officers
Leonard Wood Commander of the Rough Riders
Foraker Act Puerto Rico an unincorporated territory
Platt Amendment 1. Cuba couldnt make a treaty with anyone else. 2. allow U.S. to buy or lease naval stations in cuba 3. keep low debt 4. US had right to intervene
Sphere of Influence an area where a foregein nation controlled economic development such as railroad construction and mining
Open Door Policy all countries should be allowed to trade with china
Boxer Rebellion group member bedieged foreig embassies in beiging
Great White Fleet 16 Battleships of US navy
Hay Paucefote Treaty gave US the exclusive rights to build and control any proposed canal through Central America
Dollar Diplomacy america would increase profit
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