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French and Indian War

Define exploration. the discovery of something new or different
List the five countires who sponsered explorations to the new world. Spain,Italy,France,Portugal,and England
What reasons did European counties have for exploring the new world? Religous,Political,and Economic reasons
This explorer discovered Greenland. Leif Ericson
List the Spanish explorers. Columbus,Balboa,Loen,Cortes,Magellan,Pizarro, Coronado,and Soto
According to your explorer timeline what three explorers discovered areas in present day Canada? Champlain,Cartier,Cabot
What were the first two early English settlements in North America? Jamestown and Roanoke
What group of people did early English settlers run into in the new world? Native Americans
Name the middle colonies New Jersey,New York,Delaware,Pennslyvania
Define Joint Stock. A company one could invest their money in order to make a profit
What are two types of local governmentsin the colonies? Township and County
Define debtor. A person who owes money.
In the Join or Die cartoon what does the snake represent? The colonies or regions.
Who made the Join or Die cartoon? Ben Franklin.
Franklin made the cartoon to promote this plan... Albany Plan of Union.
What two primary countries fought in the French and Indian War? France and Britian
What would the war decide? Control over North America.
What were the causes of the French and Indian War? Past problems,disputes over land,trade and resources in the Ohio River Valley.
What treaty ended the war? Treaty of Paris.
Who won the war? Great Britian.
Following the war, Natives attacked colonists who moved west. What was Britains response? The Proclamation of 1763.
According to the proclamation where could colonist no longer move? West of the Appalachian mountains.
What battle was considered the turning point of war? Battle of Quebec.
What was the last battle of the war according to the map we made in class? Montreal Surrender.
According to your timeline what battle took place in 1757? Fort William Henry.
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