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NMSI Final Exam

final exam for NMS I

ASO titer indicates rheumatic fever (will be elevated)
Antinuclear antibody (ANA) in what ds: SLE (lupus)
HLA-B27 commonly elevated in what: AS
bacteria in rheumatic fever: streptococcus
Reiter's syndrome triad: urethritis, conctivitis, arthritis
What is acute hematogenous osteomyelitis? blood-borne bacteria inf of the bone and its marrow in children
tx for chronic hematogenous osteomyelitis: surgical removal of sequestrum, antibiotic therapy
what ds has Brodie's abscess: chronic hematogenous osteomeylitis
What is acute septic arthritis (pyogenic arthritis)? destruction of the synovial jt, which leads to jt problems
where is acute septic arthritis most commonly at? hip and elbow
What ds has cold absess? TB (in psoas)
What is Pott's ds? TB osteomyelitis of the spine, 2nd to UT TB, carried via Batson's Plexus
What do tests show for tuberculosis arthritis? inc ESR, positive skin test
ratio m/f in rheumatoid arth? 3 female:1 male
in what age grp is rheumatoid arthritis most common? 20-40
percent positive for rheumatoid factor test in rheum. arthritis? 70%
T/F juvenile rheum. arth. is a chronic synovial infl. of unknown cause. T
Are there many jts involved in juvenile rheum arth? no
AS is seronegative or seropositive? seronegative
Primary sign of AS? bamboo spine
what is enthesopathy? AS affecting the insertion of tendons, ligaments, jt capsules w/ progressive fibrosis and ossification
What is Ricker back? progressive flex of back (w/AS)
Lab finding for AS? inc ESR, positive HLA-B27
ratio m/f for lupus: 8 female:1 male
How is Reiter's transmitted? sexually
Lab for Reiter's: positive HLA-B27 in 75%
What is psoriatic arthritis? chronic skin infl; MC at DIP and spondylitis
MC findings for rheumatic fever: inc ASOT; 13-14 yrs of age
ratio m/f for gout 20:1
mc age for gout after 40
what is podagra? acute gout
What is Christmas ds? hemophiliac arthritis (chronic bleeding into the jt)
Signs of DJD: cartilage hyertrophy of subchondral bone; infl of synovial membrane (secondary); heberden's node (
Signs of DJD: cartilage hypertrophy of subchondral bone; infl of synovial membrane (secondary); heberden's node (DIP), Haygarth's node (MCP-soft tissues, swelling around the jts assoc with RA)
Primary type of DJD mc in: female, middle age
pathogenesis of DJD loss of proteoglycans and H2O
etiology of neuropathic jt ds (Charcot's jt) diabetes, syringomyelia, steroid
myofascial px syndrome= traumatic induced infl/fibromyoglia
site of degenerative tendon and capsule ds periarticular ds: shoulder
tenovaginits stenosans: dequervains (wrist)
How is dequervain's (wrist) tested clinically? finkelsteins (reactive finkelstein's test)
What is friction bursitis: bunion
4 phases of osteochondrosis (in order) early phase of necrosis; phase of revascularization; phase of bone healing; phase of residual deformity (infl, necrosis, replacement, residuum)
5 S's in Chandler's ds: sterno, steroids, scuba divers, sickle cell anemia, SLE
Freiberg's metatarsal head
Kohler's tarsal navicular
Kienbock's lunate
Panner's capitellum
Osgood Schlatter tibial tubercle
Scheuemann's ant vertebral body height
Van necks ischiopubic osteochondrosis
Sever's ds calcaneus
CNII retina
CN III sup and inf rectus and inf obilique
CN IV sup oblique mm.
Rhomber's test dorsal column/cerebellum
Created by: pcelvfrdm
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