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Arts and Leisure

Social Studies 10, Unit #8

What did Canadians start to take in? Sporting events.
Who was George Dixon? The first black man to win the World Boxing Bantomweight Title (1890).
Who won the Heavyweight title in 1906? Tommy Burns
Who won the World Rowing Title in 1908? Ned Hanlan
Who was Tom Longboat? A native who won the World championship for long distance running.
Where was Longboat from? The Six Nations reserve.
When was the first Grey Cup? 1909
When was the first Calgary Stampede? 1912
Which Canadain wrote Anne of Green Gables? Lucy Maude Montgomery
Who wrote Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town? Stephen Leacock
Which Canadians painting of BC became famous? Emily Carr
What advancement was made in railcars? Refrigerated ones, allowing new for new foods.
What two major brands became popular? Heinz Ketchup and Coca Cola.
Created by: dreycraf