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2 - PrehisttoColony

Early Native Americans, Exploration, Georgia Colonized

Native Americans that hunted large animals like mammoths. Paleo
The Native American time period that saw European explorers. Mississippian
Which Native American culture discovered horticulture? Woodland
What Native American culture invented pottery? Archaic
What was Hernando de Soto hoping to find? Silver and gold
Did Hernando de Soto find what he was looking for? He didn't find gold or silver.
The Spanish occupied what region? Florida
Where did the French settle? Canada and along the Mississippi River
What diseases did the Europeans bring with them? Influenza, Small pox, and measles
What did the Spanish missions along the barrier islands do to the Native Americans? 1)Tried to convert them to Catholicism 2)Change how they lived 3)Used them as workers
What were the main 3 reasons Europeans explored and settled the "New World"? Gold, Glory, God. (To get wealth, land, and spread Christianity)
Great Britain used the colonies to practice mercantilism. What is mercantilism? When a country exports more than it imports. You make more money because you mostly sell goods to other countries and don't have to buy very much.
What are some animals that the Europeans introduced to the Native Americans? Horses, cows, chickens, and pigs. (Farm animals)
Who was James Oglethorpe being charitable to when he helped found Georgia? He was trying to help the hard-working poor. The people in debtors prison.
Who is James Oglethorpe? The founder of Georgia.
What were the reasons Georgia became a colony? Charity, Defense, Economy
Describe how charity was a reason for Georgia becoming a colony. Oglethorpe wanted to help the hard-working poor get out of debtors prison.
Describe how defense was a reason for Georgia becoming a colony. Georgia was to protect South Carolina from the Spanish in Florida and the French at the mouth of the Mississippi.
Describe how economics was a reason for Georgia becoming a colony. Georgia was going to grow mulberry trees and cultivate silk. This would help Britain's policy of mercantilism.
What was the Charter of 1732? The document that granted the Trustees the land for Georgia and laid down the rules.
What was the most land someone could own according to the Charter of 1732? 500 acres.
What was the rule about how many men had to live on the land? At least 1 man for every 50 acres of land.
Who was Tomochichi? Leader of the Creek Yamacraw that became Oglethorpe's friend and agreed to give land along the coast to the settlers of Georgia.
Who was Mary Musgrove? The interpreter between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi.
Describe the malcontents? People unhappy with the policies of the Trustees.
What did the malcontents want? They wanted to be able to own more land, make more money, and to have slaves.
Who were the Salzburgers? German speaking Lutherans.
Where did the Salsburgers settle? New Ebenezer
What did the Salzburgers do? The were farmers.
Who were the Highland Scots? People from the Highlands of Scotland that Oglethorpe recruited to settle in Georgia.
Were did the Highland Scots settle? South of Savannah in Darien.
What were the Highland Scots known for? Being good fighters and soldiers.
Describe how the laws of the Trustee Period helped diminish the Spanish threat from Florida. Slavery was outlawed so the Spanish wouldn't start a revolt among the slaves. You had to trade fairly with the Native Americans so they wouldn't join with the Spanish.
How did land ownership change when Georgia became a Royal Colony? No more land restrictions.
What is the Headright System? Land grants were based on how many people: in the family, indentured servants, and slaves.
What crops were grown now that colonists could own more land? Rice and indigo.
What types of farms did most slaves live and work on? Plantations
Slaves worked under the task system. What is the task system? Slaves were given jobs that lasted all day. When they finished all their tasks they were done for the day.
How long was a typical workday for a slave. 16 hours
How many days a week did slaves have to work. 6 days. They had Sunday off.
What were the slave codes? Rules for how owners had to treat their slaves.
Whom appointed the Royal Governor of Georgia? The king.
The government of Royal Georgia now contains a legislature. What does a legislature do? Make laws.
Who was the first Royal Governor? How long did he last? John Reynolds. 3 years, then the people begged for a new governor.
What was wrong with John Reynold's leadership? He tried to run the colony like the military.
Who was the 2nd Royal Governor? How long did he last? Henry Ellis. 3 years, then he left because it was too hot for him.
What did Henry Ellis do while he was governor? Increased defense, relations with the Indians, economy, and the mood of the colonists.
Who was Georgia's third and final Royal Governor? How long did he govern? James Wright. 22 years.
How did he impact Georgia? He was a very good leader, he cared. Under his leadership increased Georgia's population and wealth. He negotiated with the Native Americans to get more land.
Created by: Georgiahistory
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