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Mr. Green

What were Voltaire's views on what effect od you think it would have on common people? he was deffender of pesonal freedom. He gave dignity and thought that all people should be able to speak their mind.
What was Montesquieu's conribution to the constition? He made checks and balance system and now, congress is trying to deny Bush more money (a check on him)
Who were the majority of people who rebelled against brittish (1776)? the puritains(dissenters) were trying to protect their property. Peasants rebled.
What were Machiavelli's views on absolutism? he believed power corrupts.
What were salons and how did they influence revelution? they were think tanks, or big parties of intelectuals that dicussed science and politics.
Who were dissenters and how did they influence the Ideal or property? people who didnt agree with the church of england, and wre puritans. they started a revolutions because they wanted life, liberty, and property.
What Native American group contributed to the development of our constitution? the Iroquois confederation.
Who was Phyllis Wheatly? the first female to publish a book in English Colonies.
Why did France help America during the revolution? because grance hated england, they had just faught the seven years war.
Where did the French get the troops who helped the Americans? Haiti
What was the most valuable colony of the french? Haiti because they had sugar and rum and naval ports that protected the port of New Orleans.
What was the cost of the French participating in the American Revolution? The French revolution provided the power/foundationof the frehcn revolution.
How did the American revolution effect future revolutions in the western world? it gave other depressant colonies the idea to revolt against their suppresor.
How did revolutionary philsophy affect inhabitants of Europe's colonies? they got more freedom. where ever the European colonies woud go, the ideas would spread. the revolution based on three ideas of life. life. liberty. and persuit of happiness.
Created by: rootytooty02