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mr green

what was the immdieate cause of the Reformation? Martin Luther post 95 theses
was the reformation appropriate? yes because power was corrupted in the church. the church needed to be reformed
what were the intentions of Luther's protest? to attack indulgences and attack simony
what was the result of of Martin Lunther's protest? there was an increase in logical thought and enlightenment. The edict of worms happend.
how did the crusades influence the age of enlightenment? Because people left isolation and bagan to think logically
Who was Thomas Hobbes? said that man kind is born evil. he supported dictatorships because they could conrtol man and their evil insticts
Who was Jean Jocqeus Roseau? He wrote a book called "the social contract" it protected peoples rights. He said that rulers and citezens should be bound together by a social contract. Citicens give alliance and government protects their rights
What were John Jockes argumeants? he argued the two treatises of Government and said that man are born with 3 freedoms. life liberty. and the persuit of happiness.
How did Baron De Montesquieu make a contribution? He wrote a book called "spirit of the laws" and made the checks and balance system.
What was the diet of worms? a meeting in the city of worms where marin luther was made an outlaw. they burned his work and Luther was almost captured.
Why was the Catholic Church so concerned about Luther's revolution? because the Catholic church would loose power, money, and followers.
What was the enlightenment? science begins to take over religion, people gain logical thought and question authority. (intelectual movements)
What did Martin Luther's intellectual attack on the Catholic Church do? it made people gain curiosity.
How does enlightenment effect the Catholic churhc and Islam? Catholic chuch looses power and islam gains power because church is focucused on Luther's revolution.
Created by: rootytooty02