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Chapter 2 Ap US his

American Pageant

Protestant England's early colonial ambitions were fueled by its religious rivalry with catholic Spain True
The earliest English colonization efforts experienced surprising success False, the first efforts were total failures
The defeat of the Spanish Armada was important to North America Colonization because it enabled England to conquer Spain's New World empire False it enabled England to control the Atlantic sea lanes
Among the English citizens most interested in colonization were unemployed yeomen and the younger sons of the gentry True
Originally, the primary purpose of the joint-stock Virginia Company was to provide for the well-being of the freeborn English settlers in the colony. False, its original purpose was to make a profit for investors
The defeat of Powhatan's Indian forces in Virginia was achieved partly by Lord De La Warr's use of brutal "Irish tactics." True
John Rolfe enabled the Virginia colony to survive by introducing African slave labor in 1619 He introduced tobacco
The Maryland colony was founded to establish a religious refuge for persecuted English Quakers False
From the time of its founding, South Carolina had close economic ties with the British West Indies True
The principal export crop of the Carolinas in the early 1700s was wheat False
South Carolina prospered partily by selling African slaves in the West Indies False, it sold Indian slaves to the West Indies
In their early years, North Carolina and Georgia avoided reliance on slavery. True
Compared with its neighbors Virgina and South Carolina, North Carolina was more democratic and individualistic in social outlook. True
Britain valued the Georgia colony primary as a rich source of gold and timber False
All the southern colonies eventually came to rely on staple-corp plantation agriculture for their economic prosperity. True
After decades of religious turmoil, Protestantism finally gained permanent dominance in England after the succession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth 1.
Imperial England and English soldiers developed a contemptuous attitude toward "natives" partly through their colonizing experience in Ireland
England's victory over the Spanish Armada gave it dominance of the Atlantic Ocean and a vibrant sense of nationalism
At the time of the first colonization efforts, England was undergoing rapid economic and social transformations.
Many of the early Puritan settlers of America were uprooted sheep farmers from eastern and western England
England's first colony at Jamestown was saved from failure by the leadership of John Smith and John Rolfe's introduction of tobacco.
Representative government was first introduced to America in the colony of Virginia
One important difference between the founding of Virginia and Maryland colonies was that Virginia was founded mainly as an economic venture, while Maryland was intended partly to secure religious freedom from persecuted Roman Catholics.
After the Act of Toleration in 1649, Maryland provided religious freedom for Protestants and Catholics
The primary reason that no new colonies were founded between 1634 and 1670 was the Civil War in England
The early conflicts between English settlers and the Indians near Jamestown laid the basis for the forced separation of the Indians into the separate territories of the "reservation system."
The labor system of the British West Indies sugar plantations relied almost entirely on The importation of African slaves.
After the defeat of the coastal Tuscarora and Yamasee Indians by North Carolinas in 1711-1715 The powerful Cherokees, and Iroquis remained in the Appalachian Mountains as a barrier against white settlement.
Most of the Early white settlers in North Carolina were religious dissenters and poor whites fleeing aristocratic Virginia.
The high-minded philanthropists who founded the Georgia colony were especially interested in the cause of prison reform and avoiding slavery
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