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social studies 9/20

in the south, after the war, the value of _________ and ____________drop steeply and suffered neglect and loss of workers farms and plantations
what network in the south was in poor shape after the war? transportation
after the war, the black people had gained _______ freedom
the black people had no _______, no or little education and it made job prospects ______ money, break
black people wanted ________ and ________ opportunities educational, economic
the freedman's bureau was created in ____ to help southern _______ annd freed slavces refugees
lincoln hoped to treat the south with "malice towards none and charity toward all" as he stated in his ___________ ________ anuguaral address
black people had new roles such as working on ___________ for pay and were allowed to ______ and ______ the land plantations, rent, farm
the wade davis bill was the congresses plan for ___________ reconstruction
in the wade davis bill, a ________ of white men would be required to take the _________ oath before elections could be held majority, loyalty
who killed the wade davis bill? lincoln
what day was lincoln shot? April 14th, 1865
who else was supposed to be killed the day lincoln was shot?? vice president andrew jackson, and secretary of state william seward
andrew johnson depised wealthy planter class but he held no ill will toward _______ southerners
johnson supported states ______ and limits on ____________ ________ rights, government power
when johnson took over wealthy southerners would have to apply for ______ but there was no percentage of _________ voters pardons, loyal
the congress was unhappy in december when they all met and all states were restored except ____ and then a battle for _____ would begin one, control
johnson was a deeprooted predujuce, black people had rights but those rights didnt include a role in ____________ government
johnson was being racist and said "white men alone must managa the south" .
______ _______ were designed to keep _______ in slavelike conditions black codes, freedmen
for the black codes there was a ______ labor supply and freedmen were dependant on ____________ cheap, plantations
congress passed the 14 ammendment which they wrote civil righs act in the constitution annd granting __________ to all person ______ or ___________ in the united states citizenship, born, naturalized
________ took control in the election of 1866 after riots in the south discreted Johnsons views. republicans
who was edwin stanton? lincolns secretary of war
why did the house of representatives vote to impeach johnson? because he violated the office of tenure act
the senate failed by ____ vote so johnson remained in office one
johnson continued to issue pardons even though he wasnt in control of reconstruction by the end of 1868 the rights of most all the confederate leaders had been ______ restored
during the impeachment trial the republicans nominated ____________ _______ as their presidential candidate general grant
the 1868 election was ______ but the black people vote in the south gave ______ an electoral victory close, grant
republicans made the ______ ammendment which extends the right to vote to all black males nationwide 15th
this ammendment brought millions of potential new voters to the __________ party republican
what had a significant impact on the life in the south? republican reconstruction
what is a scalawag? southerners who supported the shift in power to congress and the army
most scalawags were ________ who owned slaves farmers
some scalawags joined the republicans to prevent the _______ class from coming in power planter
what is a carpetbagger? northerners who came south to take part in the regions political and economic rebirth
carpetbaggers were looked down as low class people who could carry their belongings in a carpeting. many were ________ and came from a _________ of backgrounds educated, variety
many bought ______ land cheaply and formed partnerships with planters abandoned
nearly 700 black people served in the __________ state legislatures during reconstruction southern
who is hiram revels? black guy who took senate in place of jefferosn davis
in the new state governments brought the first public ______ systems, school
________ were added railroads
freedom meant reuniting with ________ and the search for ______ family, employment (jobs)
most stayed in the south but some moved _____ or ______ west, north
most found ___________ and began to establish their own institutions like ________ and ______ education, chuches, schools
black people were involved in methods to discourage voting in the elections. what were 3 of them? literacy test, grandfather clause, intimidation
what was a literacy test? black poeple had to read and inturpert part of the constitution to vote
what was the grandfather clause? if any black people had a grandfather that was a slave, they could not vote
what was intimidation? bullying tactics
there were terrorist groups during the reconstruction in the south. name one important one talked about KKK (ku klux klan)
the kkk wanted to restore the ______ ______ order old, political
some methods the KKK used to get their message across were what? threats, house burnings, and killings blacks and whites
the state governments were _____ _____ to control violence not able
there were 3 enforcement acts pasted that set heavy penalties for anyone attempting to prevent a qualified person from voting, they banned the use of _________ and gave the army and federal counts power to _______ and _______ KKK memeber disguises, capture, punish
the KKK was undercontrol but other groups still _______ operated
_______ ________ felt that the acts threatened individual freedoms white southerners
_______ were dismayed that the army was still needed to keep the peace in the south northerners
the ____ ______ were seen as ineffective state governments
there was widespread ________ and lack of _______ reform for blacks poverty, land
the costly building programs raised taxes and put the ______ ________ in debt state governments
liberal republicans help _______ regain control of the house of representatives democrats
economica factors came into play with the ________ that began in 1873 depression
what cases served to limit the impact of the 14th and 15th ammendments? slaughterhouse cases, united states v. cruikshank and united states v. reeser
the presidential election was disputed with charges of fraud. republicans agreed to withdraw federal stoops in the south and in return who became president? rutherford b hayes
what were the characteristics of slavery? no rights, forced labor, no freedom of movement without permission, family members sold away from each other, no representation in government
what were the characteristics of freedom? slavery banned, free to work for wages, could move and live anywhere, many families reunited, could serve in political office
what created a system of debt? share cropping
what began permanent changes across U.S 14th and 15th ammendments
who were free with voting rights? slaves
the new south was becoming ________ but in many ways it remained the sae industrial
______ ________ deeply represented that the federal government controlled their states white southerners
for a century after reconstruction ended, the south was known as the _______ _______ solid south
it was not until the 1970s that the repulican party was able to gain ground in the _______ south
in 1896, what sets back the civil rights movement 80 years? the supreme court case plessy v. ferguson
it states that blacks were seperate but equal to whites. that begins the ___________ in the south segregation
Created by: soccerliv22
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