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Native American Hist

Test 1

Creation stories Vary from tribe to tribe, and even storyteller to storyteller. These stories provide connections to the dreams of Native People. They describe their earliest beginnings, how the world they know began and how they first came into it.
Migration theories Are used to explain the early spread of human populations across the globe.
Similarities between the experience of the X and X Indian societies in pre-colonial United States
Differences between the experience of the X and X Indian societies in pre-colonial United States
Similarities between the Maya and the Inca
Differences between the Maya and the Inca
What was the impact (both good and bad) of the Hernando de Soto expedition? bad- De Soto took the Cutifachiqui nation's wealth and a new supply of indian slaves. His expedition caused nothing but suffering for the Indians and for his own men.
What was the impact of Spanish contact (both good and bad) in the American west?
What was the original relationship of the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan confederacy?
What factors led to the Powhatan uprising?
What relationship (both good and bad) was forged between the French and the Indians?
What kind of power did the Iroquois wield in the political relations with the French and English?
What tensions existed between the Hurons and the Iroquois? Why? They became bitter rivals. The exclusion of the Iroquois from major inland trade networks was a factor in the hostility between them.
What was the original relationship of the Plymouth settlers and the local native groups? Peace and mutual protection. They had Thanksgiving together.
What factors led to tensions and war with both groups? The death of Massasoit & new generation rule by King Phillip, who was ready for war.
What factors led to Metacom's (King Phillip) War?
What factors led to the Indian Slave trade?
What factors led to the Pueblo Indians uprising? What was the outcome?
What impact did the missionaries and other religious advocates have on Indians?
How important was the Cahokia culture in North America?
What were some of the strategies used by Indians to manage and shape forests?
What are (were) some of the hunting strategies and weapons used by Indians? Their hunting strategies were to manipulate herds of animals, stalk and attack them, and capture them by driving them into box canyons, steep-sided sand dunes and between icy embankments. Some weapons used were blow darts, a throwing stick-and a spear.
Why was fur such an important commodity for the colonists? Because there was a large demand for it.
What was the impact of the fur trade on Indians? Led to environmental problems. The economy grew but the culture was changed because of trade for European tools. Indians turned to alcoholism.
Colombian Exchange Exchange of diseases, ideas, food crops, and populations between the New World and the Old World. Europeans brought deadly viruses and bacteria, such as smallpox and measles for which Native Americans had no immunity
Encomienda Grants of land and people. The indigenous people were required to provide tribute and free labor to the encomendero, who was responsible for their welfare, their assimilation into Spanish culture, and their Christianization.
Acoma Massacre 800 Indians killed
Metis Term for people of Native American and "other" ancestry.
Kennewick Man Name for the skeletal remains of a prehistoric(Paleo-Indian) man found in 1996 by the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington.
Eunice Williams Daughter of the best known of all English captives, John Williams.
Francisco Pizzaro Spaniard explorer who seized translators and guides as he needed them
Juan de Onate Spanish explorer and conquistador.
Virgin Soil Epidemic Diseases brought to the Indians from the Europeans. Small pox, influenza...etc. The Indians had no immunity to these diseases so they started to die off.
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca Spanish survivor of the Narvaez expedition, he aquired a reputation among the Karankawas and neighboring Indians as a trader and formidable healer with spiritual powers.
John Eliot A Puritan minister- attempted to enforece religious and cultural conformity within praying towns.
Bacon's Rebellion Led by Bacon, English vigilantes began attacking all indians without regard for their conduct.
Created by: Nerdette
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