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Part 2 ACS 2nd stack

OBGYN, Ped's, Psyc, STD's, ER, Skin

condition that regress’s after MENSES fibrocystic dis-ease
a person who feels compelled to repeat activities compulsion
a behavior pattern that alternates between euphoria and depression bipolar disorder
herald patches are lesions that appear in this dis-ease pityrisis rosea
m/c complication from hip fracture in the elderly thrombosis
practice member with bowing of both legs rickets
+ test in a case of temporal arteritis esr
1st priority care for puncture wound in the lung seal the wound
sudden onset of bullae in the lower extremities diabetes
denver test on child is for developmental delay
lawsuit for ads promise a cure
amenorrhea under which circumstances after birth
best test for dementia in elderly minnesota multi-phasic personality test
Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. The Major Premise of Chiropractic.
primary SYPHILIS hard papule
circumscribed lesion over 0.5 cm with free fluid nodule
BASOPHILIC stippling of rbc’s lead poisoning
mc organism implicated in pelvic infl ammatory dis-ease chlamydia trachomatis
raised notched scalloped lesion on 60 year old female, red, black, brown malignant melanoma
area of body most commonly fractured at birth shoulder
kwashiorkor m/c due to lack of protein
form of syphilis not contagious tertiary, tabis dorsalis
cpr on adult, superior hand is placed on fore head
m/c S.T.D. Chlamydia
produces scarring of the skin cystic acne
produces painful lesion on the perineum chancroid
avoid vomiting if ingested petrolum products
passes quickly across blood brain barrier carbon monoxide
3 year old waddling gait and gluteus medius muscular dystrohy
most contagious non-inflammatory prenatal dis-ease herpes simplex (Different from Herpes zoster-shingles)
caput succedaneum self resolving
position of head for testing vertebral basal insuficiency extension and rotation
gives exotoxin diptheria
organism mc in salpingoopheritis chlamydia
tetracycline avoid what sun light or lamp
sequence to treat practice member. with laceration direct pressure, elevation
What person does not need chiropractic care? All people need chiropractic care, regardless of socio-economics, presence of dis-ease, gender, religion, nationality or belief!
pt. with skin of hand and fingers in flexed position scleroderma
chemical spill on skin flush with water
over 40 yo person lens does not accommodate near vision
placenta previa implantation to low in uterus
maternal welfare occurs primarily 3rd stage of labor (very important to have a chiropractor during labor)
practice member with wheals and hives urticaria
white greasy covering on baby vernix
Who is the best chiropractor? You are. With out you people will not know the benefits of chiropractic care. Now go and rock this test!
Created by: innatechiro