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History WVC220 test1

Study for Dr. Weibel's WVC220 class. Test 1

"authority" before scientific rev.: Classical philosophers (Aristotle) Church Basically, the intellectuals whom the society deems the ones to have control over what is right or reasonable
cartesian doubt based on Descartes "I think therefore I am"
cartesian dualism This is the pricipal that Descartes summed up into two parts: Immaterial- thoughts Material- the tangible
Deism` denied that the bible was God's revelation rejected clerical authority dismissed christian mysteries, prophecies, and miricles as violations of natural law did however believe that the world was created by an all-wise creator
"enlightenment despotism" those in political power institute reforms, advancement of reason and the promotion of science and thechnology ex. Catherine the Great of Russia, Joseph II of Austria, Mariea Theresa of Austria, Frederick the Great of Prussia, and Napoleon Bonaparte
"general will"
Created by: livin_phil120