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Part 2 ACS 1st stack

OBGYN, Ped's, Psyc, STD's, ER, Skin

Bee sting reaction swelling and start breathing anaphylactic shock
Cause of presbyopiaElderly  HDL  triglycerides active life style with frequent aerobic activity
Cause of presbyopia lens hardening
Battle sign area echimosis on the mastoid base of skull
Involution after birth 6 weeks
Young male with puss from the penis Gonorrhea
Caput suceundum resolves and is benign
Pain in lower abdomen, 36th week of pregnancy lightening
5 cm and dilating 1st stage of delivery
Side effect of long term use of lithium Tremors
Vertebral basilar insufficiency test Extension and Rotation
Common sign of PMS enlarged breasts
Notched scalloped lesion, black or dark brown, red and white and blue, raised surface Malignant Melanoma
PID (pelvic inflammatory dis-ease) aka Salpingitis caused by Chylamydia Trachamatis, Gonorrhea, candidiasis and Thichomonas ganinalis
Placenta transmission Treponema pallidum
Wilms tumor or neuroblastoma in child abdominal mass
Associated with transsexuals cross dressing
22 year old intense itching, linea furrows scabies
Leukoplakia in the mouth cigarettes
Long time use and may cause CVA Tylenol (acetaminophen)
Alcoholism – macrocytic anemia is due to Folate, B9 vitamin
Exposure to sunlight aggravates lupus erythematosus
Liver damage often accompanies acetamedaphren
Chronic connective tissue dis-ease, contracture of the palmer fascia Dupuytrens contracture
Characterized by symptomatic disc herniation less common then in middle age
Allergic reaction wheals
Oral mucosa, precancerous leukoplakia
Aids patients Kaposi’s sarcoma
Female taking oral contraceptives Venous thrombi
Coal miners dis-ease Pneumoconiosis
Most common in aging OA
Disseminated gonorrhea, arthritis dermatitis bacteremia
Dementia, focal neurological deficits multi infarct dementia
Untreated gonoccoccal in newborn Blindness
Cauliflower lesions on genitals (HPV) Genital warts
Prostaglandins aspirin or NSAID’S
Classified burns depth of the burn (penetration)
Scabies mites (from public pools)
Class III pap smear dysplasia
Compounds in cheese, wines, causes HTN metabisulfides
Most likely to begin after the age of 70 Thermo regulation
Oral lesions in the elderly leukoplakia
Absence of posterior tibial pulse in geriatric patient Peripheral artery dis-ease
The Power that made the body... ...Heals the body.
Most common anemia B12 anemia
Silver colored scales and pitted nails psoriasis
Venereal dis-ease spread through lymphatics syphilis
Biomechanical and physiological effects of drugs on the body Pharmodynamics
Rough bubbly indurated skin Lichenification
Ageism is: discriminatory treatment of the elderly
Most common side effect of birth control pills thromboembolism
71 year young female, with large floaters in her eye, blind, flashes retinal detachment
most likely cause for atlantodental interspace due to progressive loss of articular cartilage osteoarthritis
In a hospital born baby, were is the first subluxation most likely to occur? How is corrected? Upper cervical area, specifically at the Atlas (C1). Pinky sustained contact at C1 T.P. on side of Atlas laterality.
50 years young female with giant cell arteritis polymyalgia rheumatica
herpes zoster is known as shingles
palpable pulse in adult in accident carotid
change in skin color w/o elevation macule
5 years young boy with rash on trunk and spreads to extremities after high fever Roseola (5th Dis-ease)
dermatitis from food allergies urticaria
manifests as ulcers in the mouth aphthous stomatitis (canker sore)
sexually transmitted dis-ease characterized by ragged painful ulcer on genitals chancroid
reactivated virus from mother to infant herpes simplex
beta blocking agents are used for arrythmia
2 years young boy with yellow discharge from nose and mild fever for three days. no fever 3 days later. Dx? viral rhinitis
biotransformation of drugs occurs primarily in what organ liver
substance useful in removing lead from the body edta.
safest area to begin CPR on an infant mid sternum
emetic that Induce vomiting syrup of ipecac
Universal Antidote activated charcoal
emesis is containdicated after ingestion of strong acid, alkalis, or petroleum, unconscious or practice member with convulsions.
mucous secretion of the vagina is found in which part of menstrual cycle ovulation cycle
court of torte law tried civil court
doctor can be tried in court for abandonment of practice member breech of contract
lochia appears after birth
glucose in the csf would lead you to suspect bacterial infection
covers up nitrates in the urine ascorbic acid aka Vit. C
most commonly occurs in manic phase of manic depression hyperactivity
1st sign of puberty in male size of testes
after ovulation and before menses is called secretory phase
Produced in the Ant. Pituitary and stimulates and sustians post partum lactation. (best choice for kids development) Prolactin
Turning the Power On by way of a specific chiropractic adjustment with out practice member consent battery
Chiropractor need to require consent from practice member before first adjustment
5 years young child presents with delayed speech and inability to relate to other children is most suggestive of austism
frankel’s exercise is best for to improve coordination
little LEAGUERS elbow is aka medial epicondylitis
best place for chiropractor to test temp of baby dorsum of the hand
limits liability of business assets corporation
placing black blotchy figures before a child is rorschach
not an indication for c-section vertex presentation
primitive reflex of stroking the corner of the mouth of the newborn is what reflex rooting reflex
come upon a pregnant pt. who is choking and there are no breath sounds deliver chest compression
lesion not cause by virus condylomata lata (SYPHILIS)
unconscious practice member in room with cherry red lips carbon monoxide poisoning
chest compression during CPR (adult) lower ½ of sternum
most common cause of cardiac DYSPNEA congestive heart failure
conscious baby with no breath sounds deliver 4 thrusts to the back
type of child abuse, dirty clothes neglect
chiro assistant caused injury to practice member vicarius
urethritis cz by clamidia reiter’s
Practice member w/ trichomonas infection presents with Yellow or green discharge
condition cz by staph or strep impetigo
lichenification is considered to be thickening of the skin
mumps is assoc. with orchitis
anterior FONTANEL closes in which month of life 18 months +/-
dis-ease apt to cz damage to fetus in the 1st trimester of pregnancy rubella
enuresis is defined as bedwetting
1st to do on unconscious practice member breath (abcs)
characteristic in practice member. 40-65 weight gain
organism of GONORRHEA gram negative (-) diploccocci
thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, uremia are all assoc. with this dis-ease Good Pasture syndrome
m/c presentation, and optimum, presentation of the fetus vertex
m/c reason for death in aids practice member opportunistic infection
accumulation of W.B.cells in skin lesion pustule (full of pus)
rash of measles appears as papules
The chiropractors are the only profession in the world to eliminate of diminish what kind of dis-ease? Vertebral Subluxations.
presence of alpha pheto protein in amniotic fluid neural tube defect
most apt to occur in last trimester of pregnancy placenta previa
amenorrhea is assoc. with/except P.M.S.
amyl nitrite is used to treat cyanide poisoning
chest compression on colicky baby w/ obstruction upside down
heberden’s nodes OA
BARBITURATE poisoning produces respiratory depression
secondary burn is describes as blistering of the skin
gait of parkinson’s dis-ease rigid
condylomata lata are warts seen in secondary Syphilis
heat stroke presents with hot dry skin
guma is seen in in tertiary syphilis
apgar score of 10 is normal
apgar score of 7 is high risk for long term CNS problem
organophosphates are considered to be cholinesterase inhibitor
bluish discoloration of the gums lead poisoning
+ test of thrombophlebitis contrast venography
higher concentration of this hormone during pregnancy progesterone
There is no process which does not require time. Chiropractic Principle #6. keep going you got a couple to go!
painful chancroid
raynaud’s phenomenon is associated most closely form of arthritis RA
m/c age for schizophrenia to develop b/w 10-20
mc problem with herpes recurrece
k'O'plik spots assoc. with rube'O'la
portion of fallopian tube for fertilization to occur ampulla
BENZODIAZEPINES is a drug for antianxiety
acyclovir should avoid stress. (really?)
lesion on breast with hard nodule and retraction of tissue cancer (lymph)
prostate carcinoma mc spreads by blood
thickening of palms of the hands and fingers with loss of rom is scleroderma
intertrigo mc occurs in which part of body b/w skin folds
initial discharge from vagina after birth of baby lochia
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