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Start of America

American History

what 4 states are part of the New England Colonies? Massachusetts, Rhode Islands, New Hampshire, Connecticut.
What are the major occupations of the New England Colonies? Fishing, ship building, lumber
What kind of Farming did the New England colonies have? subsistence- just enough for fam
what kind of soil did New England have? rocky
leading cities in New England Colonies? Boston, Hartford
good or bad farming in New England colony? bad
states make up Middle colonies? Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York
special crop- Middle? Wheat/bread
Middle crops? grain, cattle, dairy
which colony is called the "Breadbasket" colony? middle
what are the leading cities in the Middle? Philadelphia, New York City
States in the Southern Colonies? Virginia, Maryland, N./S. Carolina, and Georgia
Major crops in SOuthern? indigo, tobacco, rice
what kind of farming in south? plantation/ good farming
what 2 ppl helped run plantations? in south slaves and overseers
what are the leading cities in the south? Charleston, Baltimore, Savanna, Williamsburg ,
who was cheap labor for the south? slaves
what's another name for Aristocrats? gentry
Name the social classes in order Aristocrats "gentry", middle, hired hands, indentured servants, slaves
which social class could not move up? slaves
how many slaves were there in 1619? 20
how many slaves were there in 1670 2,000
were slaves free? no, provide food, shelter, clothes
what states passed the law making slaves property? Virginia
Name the Triangular trade New England- iron bars, beads, cloth, rum; Africa- slaves; Caribbean- molasses and sugar.
what is the middle passage? worst part, only survival of the fittest; meant to kill the weak; africa-caribbean
what colony had the best opportunity for education? New England
why was New England so ideal for education? why because they were so close knit
what act made school mandatory? Massachusetts General School Act
what was the worst opportunity for education?why middle because farming, distance and chores- no time
what was education like in the south? private tutors on plantation; illegal to teach slaves
what did colleges prepared young men for? ministry
Name 3 Colleges? Harvard (Massachusetts), William and Mary (Virginia), Yale (Connecticut)
what college first offered broad curriculum? University of Pennsylvania.
who started the Broad Curriculum? Ben Franklin
what emphasized human reasoning? Enlightenment
who said people had a right to revolt against its government? John Locke (British)
what colony was the Zenger trial? middle
Who was a New York Newspaper editor? John Peter Zenger
who said the royal governor was corrupt? John Zenger?
who was the Royal governor of New YOrk? William Crosby
who was charged with Libel? Zenger
was Zenger found guilty or not guilty? not guilty
who was on trial? Zenger
what two things came out of Zenger's not guilty verdict? -freedom of press and truth as a defense against Libel
Old policy was ____ neglect
what was only concerned about commerce? old policy
New policy was ___ more intervention
what conflicted with American identity? New Policy
what was economic policy based on self sufficiently? mercantilism
who was the Mother COuntry? England
the colonies existed only for whom? MOther Country
why didn't the British defend the land? expensive
who were the non-British people? Canada (French) Florida (Spanish)
who wanted to expand to the westernland? colonists
where was the western land? Appalachian mountains and Mississippi
who was the Indian chief of the rebellion? Pontiac
what was the Indian group of the Rebellion? Ottowa
where weren't the colonist allowed to settle? west of Appalachian
who was very stubborn and ineffective? King George III
who was the bad king at the time? King George III
what was the Central Core Issue? No Taxation without Representation
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