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chapther 3 and 4 rev

mr hesterman hw for social study by muhammad ilham widiyantoko pd 3

define joint stock company this companies is backed by investor, people who put money into project to earned profits.
who is James smith soldier that took over Jamestown colonies because Jamestown leader was wounded.
what is a charter a document or permission to make a colonies that just only with king or queen permission
when and why did house burgesses created in 1619 and is was the first representative assembly in America colonies.
why Nathaniel bacon demanded to sparked bacon rebellion in 1676 bacon and his land less frontiers were not agreed with house of burgesses
who is pilgrims is a group of separatist.
what is Virginia companies do to pilgrims they gave them opportunity to settle virginia.
why the pilgrim didn't settle in Virginia because the were blown of course and had poor navigation.
why mayflower compact was made to make the laws and agreement also is to make them to know idea of self government
who is puritans is a group who left England to wanted to reform their practices.
define great migration is the thousand of puritans that left their home to found new settlement around the world.
define the fundamental order of Connecticut this laws gave right to vote to non church member.
who is roger Williams minister Salem, Massachusetts , founded the first baptist church in America, and opposed force attendance at church.
who is James Oglethorpe is founder of Georgia
why government divide the colonies for 4 region. to many new settlers come to north America.
what new England region economic depends on farming and trading
define triangular trade is the route of trading with three stop.
what impact of navigation act to people. they began trading without permission .
what is middle colonies economics depends on. farming and making furniture.
define cash crop the crops that was sell to earned money.
what is the significant of the middle colonies than other colonies. good land for farming and cheap land.
define artisans a craft people became worker that make home needed.
what is Conestoga wagons for to carry people to traveled
what Quaker do about slavery they were against them
what southern colony economy relay on plantation and slavery.
what cause conflict between this colonist and native American land
what land owners do with their land they will grow cash crop and buy slave
how does farmer gained profit for his land after their harvest their plant and gained money then they buy more land and slave
what is indigo a plant that yield a deep blue dye
who is overseers is a person hired to watch the slave work
what is stone rebellion is a group of frustrated and angry slave.
who is Eliza Lucas she introduce indigo plantation successes.
who is William Byrd is best planters is ever known in southern.
what is gristmill is a simple machine that work to crush grain to flour to create a bread.
what is fall line is where waterfalls prevent large boat from moving farther upriver.
what knows as Piedmont is beyond fall line that leads to the blue ridge mountain.
where is back country colonies actually from is settlers from the 3 region that move because not enough land.or is new settlers that did not found land.
define clans are large group of families or thousand that claims a common ancestor.
Created by: w1007650
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