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Bill of Rights!

What is the Bill of Rights? The first 10 amendments
Who has the rights of the Bill of Rights? Everyone on American soil, until they violate someone else's rights
What five things do the first amendment consist of? Freedom of: religion, speech, press, petetion, and assembly
What is the freedom of religion? The right to believe what you want
What is the freedom of speech? The right to say what you want.. as long as it doesn't violate anyone else's rights
What is the freedom of press? The right to print what you say
What is the freedom of petetion? The right to ask the government to change something about the constitution.
What is the freedom of assembly? The right to assemble in groups
Establishment Clause and what right it goes with: The government cannot promote religion, First amendment.. Freedom of religion
Free Exercise Clause: The government cannot prohibit the exercise of religion
What is the seperation of church and state? Where religion and government have nothing to do with each other.
What can the government regulate dealing with religion? The practices, but not the beliefs.
What can you NOT do concerning freedom of speech and press? Slander or libel someone, Speak/publish about something that might incite violence, crime, treason, or danger.
What is Slander? Saying something that is not true and will damage someone else's reputaion
Libel: Written version of slander and is also illegal
You have this right as long as it does not result in riots or property damage: Assembly
What is the second amendment? The right to Bear arms
What does Bear Arms mean? To have guns
We are allowed to have guns for: thr protection of the US and also the protection of ourselves
Who is not allowed to bear arms? Ex-Cons and Crazy people
What is the third amendment? No housing troops in your home during peacetime unless you give permission
During wartime how can the government make you house troops? Pass a law to require you to do so
What is the fourth amendment? Search and seizure
What does search and seizure mean? To look for things and take them
What is the goverment not allowed to do concerning seach and seizure? Unreasonable searches and taking things without purpose
What is protected from illegal search? Yourself, House, Papers (records), and effects (etc)
What is probable cause? The presence of evidence that a crime may have been committed. (example: opened beer in car)
What do search warrants HAVE to have on them? Judges signature, discription of the place or person to be searched, the person or things to be seized
What reasons can the government search you without a warrant? Probable cause, if currently under arrest, if on probation, chasing a criminal into a person's home, if a person agrees to a search without a warrant
What is the fifth amendment? criminal proceedings dealing with a person who has been accused of committing a crime
Who is the defendant? The person on trial
Who is the prosecution? The person responsible for proving tht the defendant committed the crime
The fifth amendment state you have the right to a: grand jury
What is a Grand Jury? The people who figure out if there is enough evidence to take you to trial
In the fifth amendment there is NO double jeopardy. What is double jeopardy? to be put on trial for a crime more than once
What is "Pleading the fifth?" Cannot be forced to testify against yourself. (Not talking)
In the fifth amendment all people on trial have a right to "due process" What is due process? Proper court procedures
What is Eminent Domain? The governments power to take your private property for public use. To get this they must give you due compensation
What is due compensation. fair or equal value
What is the sixth amendment? Criminal proceedings dealing with actual court
What is a speedy and public trial? As quick as possible and everyone can know whats going on so they can make sure it is fair
In the sixth amendment you have the right to trial by jury (impartial of your peers) decesion of guilty or innocent left to regular people called in to see the case
What does the jury consist of? 12 members, decision on guilty/innocent must be unanimous, must be 18 no other requirements
What does unanimous mean? EVERYONE must have the same vote
Where does the trial have to take place? In the state/district is happend in
What is change by revenue? Trial can be moved but must remain in the same state
The sixth amendment state that you have the right to: See who is testifying against you
What is the power of Subpoena? The right for the defendant to ask the court to make someone come to court to testify on your behalf.
In the sixth amendment, you have the right to a lawyer, if you cannot afford one what happens? You will have a court appointed lawyer.
What is the seventh amendment? Civil proceedings dealing with lawsuits
Why do you file for a lawsuit? Because someone else violated your rights
What is the defendant? The person getting sued
Who is the plantiff? The person who is suing
What can you do if the amount in which you are suing is over $20? Ask to have the jury make decision
What are decisions based off of? Common Law
What does precedent mean? present decisions are made according to previous court cases' decisions
What can you do if there has been a mistake with due process? Appeal to a higher court
What is the eighth amendment? Punishment
What punishments are NOT appropriate? excessive fine, excessive bail, cruel or unusual punishment
What is bail? money you give to court saying you'll be there for your trial, to keep you out of jail
What is the ninth amendment? Unenumerated rights
What does unenumerated mean? Rights that are not listed, just because it is not listed does not mean it isn't a right
What is the tenth amendment? Reserve powers
What is reserve powers? rights that are up to the state
If something is not in the constitution who get to say if it is okay or not? The state (reserve powers)
Who does Anita love? Cory Wade Ming, Ashleigh Michelle York, Kimberlynn Marie Ellspermann, and Jewel Annette Ladner.. YAY! :D
Who does Anita love the MOST? Margie Carol Thomas and Theresa Jean Holzhauser, Thomas, Grisham, Garcia!! :D
Created by: kimberlynn7
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