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United Nations

international community organization run by representitives from governments around the world
state sovereignty control over own affaris; independent over external interference
collective security a group of countries that are guarenteed peace and security because they are working together
nation group of people that are united by the same country, government, religion and usually speak the same language
state a government that presides over a geographic area
isolationism policy of avoiding political alliances and economic relationships with other nations
territorial integrity the ability for a state to be safe without the fear of the boundaries being focibly moved
self determination the right of the people to choose their own government
human rights the rights that human beings are naturally suppose to have
sanction threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule
veto right of one member of a body to prevent action proposed by that body.
Diplomacy The management of relations between nations, as in the negotiations of treaties, international agreements, etc.
Treaty A formal agreement signed between two nations to end conflicts.
Disarmament To take away a country's military weapons.
Resolution A formal expression of the opinion or wll of the United Nations that resolves a problem or situation.
Intervene To come between states to help settle a dispute or situation.
Charter A legal government document stating fundamental principles about the aims of an organization or country.
Mandate Required permission to act.
Representation Speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state.
effectiveness How well something is done
Development The growth or expansion of a country.
Civil Conflict A problem within a country.
Cease Fire An agreement between countries to stop all military actions.
Peacekeeping Securing peace amidst civil conflicts or governments terrorizing their own pwople through many non-military tasks.
Peace Enforcement Implementing peace and policies from preackeeping missions through military engagement, specifically by putting soldiers on a side of the conflict.
Colonialism The practice or policy of a nation that rules or seeks to rule weaker dependent nations.
Humanitarian Aid Help that is given to people concerning their welfare.
Regional Organizations Organized body of people with related problems and concerns.
Nuclear Proliferation Growth of nuclear weapons.
Democracy A type of govrenment where people have a say in what goes on and have the right to vote.
NGO Non-government Organizations that work to enforce various human rights without directly affiliating with the government. They work independently and rely funds from individual supporters.
Ethnic Cleansing Expelling a certain group or ethnicity from a region. Accomplished through torture, massacre, concentration camps.
Impunity Exemption from punishment or freedom from the consequences of an action.
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