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Chapter 40


Dwight D. Eisenhower Republican and VP Richard Nixon won the election
Nixon accused of profitting from campain contributions
Checkers speech went on TV to defend himself
An American Dilemma all men are created equal (so says US) yet didnt treat blacks like that, only token acts
Brown vs. BOE Topeka said Plessy vs. Ferguson was unconstitutional and public schools were to be integrated
Thurgood Marshall lawyer for the Brown family
Earl Warren chief Justice of brown, liberal judge
Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus which segregation required her to do
Montgomery Bus Boycott NAACP protested the arrest of Rosa Parks for 381 days
MLK Jr. organzed and led the boycott, passive resistance, non violent protest
CORE helped to organze the bus boycotts, sit ins, freedom rides
Little Rock Crisis the gov. of arkansas didn't enforce integration at little rock central high. Ike sent in military to enforce integration, thought this was a state issue
Grassroots Movement civil rights movement, started by the people, not politicians, etc.
SCLC staged protest and pushed for voter registration
SNCC get college students involved in the civil rights movement
Civil Rights Act set up a commision to investige violations of civil rights and authorized federal injunctions to protect voting rights
Greensboro NC students sat at an all white lunch counter and refused to move, this was seen by some as the beginning of the sit in movement
Dynamic Conservatism Ike, be liberal when dealing w/ the people, conservative in gvt.
Social Issues more state control, against free distribution of polio vaccine (socialized medicine), tried to undercut New Deal Policies
John Foster Dulles Ike's sec of state, massive retaliation, use everything you have against your enemies
French controlled southest asia (indochina) since the late 1800s (imperial rule)
Ho Chi Minh led the communist party in vietnam (Indochina)
Vietminh viatnamesse communist party
Domino Theory fear that if one country falls to communism all those around it will
Dien Bien Phu vietnamese attacked then took it over, after this the french left vietnam
Geneva Accords divide Vietnam at the 17th parallel and called for national elections in 1956
Ngo Dihn Diem controlled the south
Vietcong formed in south vietnam, but supported the north (communist), VC, Charlie
Ho Chi Minh Trail a series of trails to supply the VC
Khrushchev became the leader of USSR after stalin
Eisenhower Doctrine gave aid to fight communism in the middle east
OPEC controlled oil in the world, still around
Sputnik first artificial satellite in space, USSR 1957
National Defense Education Act more focus on science, math, foreign language, due to Sputnik
ICBM America's 1st was Atlas 1959
U-2 spy plane to spy on the soviet union
Gary Francis Powers was brought down by the soviets and accused of spying, May 1st ( May Day)
NASA established under Ike in 1958
Fidel Castro led a communist rebellion in Cuba and took control in 1959
Massive Spending 50's economy, after WW2, consumer debt rises, credit card debt. increases
Videotape began being used by TV companies instead of live TV by 1960
Critics of TV stereotypes of women, male dominated shows, only showed middle class white america
NBC nationwide color TV was introduced, but not widespread until the 60s
Elvis Presley called the king of rock and roll, brought R & B music to white america
The Beatles led the british invasion of the 60s, parents and children listened to the same music
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