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Social Studies 24564

Chapter 1 Review

What is elevation? height above sea level
What is a landform? particular features of the land
Describe the summer solstice. the day with the most hours of sunlight
What are plate tectonics? theory that the earth's crust consists of huge slabs of rock that move
What is a geographic information system? special software that helps geographers gather and use information
What is a global positioning system? a group of satellites around the world
What is erosion? wearing away the earth's surface.
What is an equinox? when day and night are of equal length.
What is a fault? a crack in the earth's crust.
What is weathering? a process that breaks surface rock into gravel, sand, or soil.
What is absolute location? A precise point where lines of latitude and longitude crisscross.
What is the equator? A line that divides the earth into a northern and southern hemisphere.
What is the prime meridian? A line that divides the earth into an eastern and western hemisphere.
What is a hemisphere? Half of the earth.
What is a canyon? A deep and narrow valley with steep walls
What is a channel? A wide strait between two landmasses.
What is elevation? height of land above sea level.
What is an isthmus? A narrow stretch of land connecting two larger land areas.
How many days are in a year? 365 1/4
What is magma? Melted rock.
Where is Mt. Everest? The Himalayas
Created by: hackley