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Civics Vocab.

February 23

Impeach to accuse a government official of wrongdoing
Presidential Succession If a president dies then the vice president takes over
State of the Union Address A speech the president gives to Congress, the Judicuary, Cabinet member, and the general public explaining he status and direction of America
Veto Power the president has the power to reject a bill
Comander in Chief the Constitution states the president is in charge of the armed forces
Chief Diplomat president declares how the U.S. will act toward other contries
Chief Executive President decides to carry out laws passed in congress
Executive Order A rule the president issues that has the force of a law
Supreme Court Presides over cases that involve other countries and other states
Chief Justice Head of Supreme Court
Appellate Jurisdiction Authority to review cases from lower district courts or from federal regulation agencies
Concurrent Jurisdiction Shared authority of courts to hear and decide a case
Original Jurisdiction Authority of a court to be the first to hear a case
Pardons a decleration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment
Reprieve an order to delay carrying out a sentance or court order
Writ of habeus corpus a court order guarenteeing a person who is arrested the right to appear before a judge in a court of law
Bill of Attainder A law that punishes a person accused of a crime w/o a fair hearing in court
ex post facto law A law that would allow a person to be punished for an action that was not against the law when the action took place
Judicial Review Power of the Supreme Court to review federal and state laws and decide whether they are in accord with the Constitution
Constitutional Convention Meeting of a state deletgates in 1787 leading to adoption of a new constitution
Interest group people with a similar point of view who work together to promote that point of view
Presidential Term Limits How long the president can be in office
Interest Groups Groups that support a common cause
Homeland Security Helps prevent terrorism
Right to Bear Arms Roght to own a weapon
Seperation of Church and State Religion should not influence our political
Created by: Civics123