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Unit 2 History Test

Colonial Adolescence

Tocqueville's assessment of Colonial America That the Americas were a lowly less refined culture thatn that of Europe.
How did Colleges shape America? current & recent material. applicable and practical studies. more opportunities. less religion and less control by church.
What aspects shaped America? colleges, art, science.
How was Literacy in the Colonies? Literacy rate was high, but content was low.
What was the common life of Americans? Survival mode.
What did Indians acquire during acculturation? tools, guns, alcohol, religion, language.
What did Colonists aquire during acculturation? furs, sleds & cannoes, crops, language, guerilla warfare.
Who created a unique American English Language with his Dictionary? Noah Webster.
What is a Broadside? articles about issues posted in aloons, hotels, and at local events.
How were doctors and lawyers different in America? they didnt have a specialty, and placed emphasis on application and success.
A case that greatly helped establish the principle of freedom of the press and speech. Zenger Case.
How did imigrants impact the Colonies? created diversity and change in population growth.
A religious Revivalry in 1730s and 40s. 1st Great Awakening.
Leading Preachers in the 1st Great Awakening. Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield.
Preaching styles were to... promote salvation through repentence by means of terror.
1st Great Awakening lead to... religious toleration, new denomonations, new religious schools.
Why was there a need for slaves? labor shortage in the south.
Moveable Personal property with no rights at all... Chattels
Slave codes mainly from Barbados adopted in the Colonies to govern slaves. Black Codes
2 Major slave revolts in America NY Slave Revolt of 1712, Stono Slave Revolt in 1739. which lead to stricter codes and harsher treatment.
What invention would entrench Slavery in the South? The cottin gin by Eli Whitney.
What group of Colonists went against Slavery? Northern Quakers
The last of the 13 Colonies to enter America? Georgia, Oglethorpe
Nicknames of Georgia? Buffere Colony, charity colony
Law passed in 1787 that outlawed slavery in the northwest... Northwest Ordinance
Benign Neglect.... beneficial or favorable neglect
British mercantilism saw wealth as... fixed and limited
Laws that placed regulations on goods manufactured or grown in the British colonial empire. Navigation Acts
act that placed high tax on foodstuff Molasses act of 1733
Constant fighting between Britain and France during colonial times. Franco-British Warfare
In the FIW france and britain fought over the ohio river valley
Albany Congress decides to... unite and fight against French and Indians
Plan that would allow colonies to create a counsel of delegates from each colony with power to deal with Indians, levy tazes, and raise armies. Albany Plan of Union
Washington created... Fort Necessity, which FAILED
After Braddock died, Britain's new secretary of state was William Pitt...TOTAL WAR
What was the planned "knockout punch" of Pitt on France? an attack on the city of quebec.
What was the legacy of PITT and the FIW? victory with a substantially large amount of DEBT
What did the British parliament think the Colonists should do about the debt? pay more taxes
Created by: Jordan Metts