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Chapter 4 Vocab KL

The area of land behind the 13 original colonies that ran along the Appalachian Mountains and the rest of the west. Backcountry
The practice of farming enough food for you and your family and maybe some to trad in town. subsistence farming
The name of a trade route that stopped at three stops. Triangular trade
The Acts passed by England so they would get a profit from the enormous trade in New England. Navigation Acts
The importing or exporting goods illegally. Smuggling
Crops raised to be sold for money. cash crops
A place were farmers take their crops to be ground down into flour or meal. gristmill
Having variety in its people. diversity
People who craft things. artisans
Wagons with wide wheels that are suitable for dirt roads and settlers often used them to carry their belongings on trips. Conestoga wagons
A popularly grown plant that yields a deep blue dye. indigo
A woman who made indigo a successful plantation crop. Eliza Lucas
A successful plantation owner that wrote popular stories. William Byrd II
Men hired by planters to watch over and direct the work of slaves. overseers
A rebellion of 20 slaves that marched and killed many planters, but were stopped by a white militia. Stono Rebellion
A mountain range that stretches from Alabama to Canada. Appalachian Mountains
A place where large waterfalls stop big boats going further upstream. fall line
A place behind the fall line that means the foot of the woods. piedmont
Large groups of families. clan
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