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History Facts 1-9

1. The ______________, signed in 1215 by King John, was the first document that limited power of the ruler. Magna Carta
2. The ______________protected the rights of English citizens and became the basis for the American Bill of Rights. English Bill of Rights
3. The ______________was signed on ______________. It was written by ______________, and declared the colonies independence from England. Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 Thomas Jefferson
4. The ______________of the United States was written in 1787. The Constitution of the United States sets out the ______________ of the government of the United States. Constitution laws and principles
5. The ______________ended the French and Indian War and effectively kicked the French out of North America. Treaty of Paris 1763
6. The ______________ended the American Revolution and forced Britain to recognize the United States as an independent nation. Treaty of Paris 1783
7. The ______________was a foreign policy statement by President James Monroe stating that 1) the U. S. would not interfere in European affairs, and 2) that the western hemisphere was closed to colonization and/or interference by European nations. Monroe Doctrine
8. ______________ are the original records of an event. They include eyewitness reports, records created at the time of an event, speeches, and letters by people involved in the event, photographs, and artifacts. Primary Sources
9. ______________ are the later writings and interpretations of historians and writers. Often secondary sources, like textbooks and articles, provide summaries of information found in primary sources. Secondary Sources
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