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Fall of Rome

Constantine Roman emperor who founded Constantinpole as the new eastern capital of the Roman empire
Constantinople a city that became new eastern capital of the Roman empire
Byzantine Empire the name by which the eastern half of the Roman empire became known
Visigoths Who entered Rome by asking emperor for protection from Huns. Entered Rome for protection
Pax Romana A period of Peace, stability and growth of the Roman Empire
Byzantine Culture Mixture of Greek, Egyptian, Persian cultures
Political Problems Ineffective (bad) emperors, ignored poverty and crime, Unstable Governemnt
Social Problems No honoring of duty, courage, honesty; officials take bribes; citizens enslaved
Economic Problems No money for maintaining roads and bridges; inflation
Military Problems Government can't pay soldiers; invaders sweep empire; Military can't push out invaders
Inflation Prices go up, wages do not
Polytheism Belief in more than one God
Eastern Roman Empire Empire survived, became Byzantine Empire
Western Roman Empire Fell in 476 AD
Republic Type of government where people elect leaders/representatives in government
Justinian Byzantine Emperor, wanted to conquer what used to be western Rome
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